Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 10 End

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Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 10 End

Postby skybird137 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:22 am

Katie The Babysitter

Chapter 1 Adventures in Babysitting

Katie looked at herself in the mirror while she was in the lift, to make sure her outfit was ok. She was wearing a strapless red mini-dress which was buttoned at the front with a hemline that was just below the top of her black hold-up stockings. Next she smoothed her hands over the red calf length high-heeled boots she wore as footwear.

I hope Gary likes this. Katie thought. I’ve been trying to get his attention for a while now. She knew that Gary worked in administration at the same university that she was studying at and she had developed quite a crush on him. Katie found out that he needed a babysitter for tonight, Friday, and he was offering a lot of money as he was desperate.

Katie decided that she would take the standard rate, rather than what he was offering. It was really a strategy so that he would notice her and maybe develop a relationship. If I dress in my sexiest outfit, maybe he will pay attention she thought. Katie arrived at the door to his apartment. Well, here goes nothing.

Katie pressed the doorbell and waited. After a few moments Gary opened the door. He was looking very smart in his two piece suit. He looked at Katie and said “Wo-, sorry, come on in.” He opened the door wide for her.

Katie stepped into the apartment. It was modestly furnished, but then Gary did have two children to bring up. They were Angela and Zoe, both eleven years old and born nine months apart. The older one, Angela, was blond haired and blue eyed, while Zoe was black haired and green eyed. They both wore identical blue knee-length dresses, white socks and black sandals. Gary explained the rules to Katie and at the end said “I will be back at half-past ten. You two girls must be in bed by ten o’clock, understand?”

The two girls nodded their heads and said “Yes dad.”

Katie then saw Gary out, then sat down on the settee and settled down to study. It would be three hours before Gary would return. While she studied, the girls played with their console, watched television, etc. Time passed relatively quickly.

The next thing Katie realised was that Zoe was trying to get her attention. She put down the book that she was reading and calmly said “What is it Zoe?”

“Could you play a game with us?” Zoe asked.

Katie looked at the time. It was quarter past nine. “You do know that you have to be in bed for ten, don’t you.”

“Yes,” Zoe answered “but we will stop playing the game before then, promise. So will you play?”

“Well, tell me what the game is first.” Katie enquired.

“I’d like to play a game of cops and robbers, if that’s all right with you.” Zoe replied.

What parts are you two playing?” Katie asked.

“We play the evil bank robbers first, and then play the cops after.” Answered Zoe.

“So what part do I play?”

“You play the part of a kidnapped bank worker.” Angela said.

“What happens to me?” Katie asked.

“We take you hostage and tie you up, then as the police, rescue you.” Angela answered.

“Okay, “ said Katie “but I’m to stay tied up for ten minutes, and only have my hands and feet tied, do you understand?”

“Yes.” Said Angela and Zoe.

“So, now what are you going to do?” asked Katie.

Angela answered “First we’ll go to our bedroom and get some rope and toy guns, then we come back in, take you prisoner and tie you up. Then leave and come back in as the cops and rescue you.”

“Well, that sounds ok.” Said Katie “Shall we start now?”

“Yes.” Said the two girls and they left the room. About twenty seconds later, they re-entered the living room, each carrying a toy pistol and a piece of rope.

Angela pointed her gun at Katie and said “Put your hands up.”

Katie did so saying “Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Zoe went up to Katie and put the toy gun to her back.

“Now walk over to the space in front of the television.” Zoe ordered.

“Yes, just don’t hurt me.” Said Katie as she walked over to the clear space in front of the television, with Zoe following behind.

Zoe pressed her gun into Katie’s back. “Now lie face down on the floor.” She ordered.

Katie did as she was told. Zoe now said “Put your hands behind your back.”

Katie put her hands behind her back, saying “You’re kidnapping me aren’t you?”

Angela replied “Yes. We’re tying you up as our hostage.”

Katie watched as Zoe knelt at her ankles and Angela knelt at her waist.

Simultaneously, Katie felt rope being wrapped around both her wrists and her ankles. First the rope went around her ankles and wrists, then looped around between them, pulling the ropes tight.

Finally Katie felt the knots being tied. This was feeling a little unusual. Here she was, a grown woman, and she had just been bound hand and foot by two eleven year old girls. She struggled at the ropes, but they stayed put. Katie realised that she wasn’t going to get free easily.

Angela said “Zoe and I are going to our room for a few minutes, then we’ll come back as cops and rescue you.” Katie nodded and continued struggling.

As the girls left the room Katie imagined that she had actually been kidnapped and that Gary would rescue her. She thought about him putting his arms around her and then kissing her on the lips.

“Back now.” Angela said Katie opened her eyes. Angel and Zoe were standing there, with a large bag. “Don’t worry miss, we caught the crooks and recovered the money and now we can free you.” Angela and Zoe knelt on either side of Katie at her waist.

“Could you please lift your feet up? It would make it much easier to untie your ankles.” Zoe said.

Katie did as she was asked and raised her feet into the air. Her lower legs were now at a 90 degree angle. She could feel Zoe and Angela fiddling with the knots on her feet.

Katie was caught by surprised by what happened next. The two girls pushed her feet practically into her backside. Stunned by what was being done to her, Katie then felt rope being wrapped around the bonds on her wrist and then being taken back to her ankle, then it was being tied off with knots at her wrists, out of reach of her fingers.

They’re tied my hands to my feet! Katie thought. It’s so tight, I can even feel my boots with my hands! They’re going to be in trouble for this!

“Let me go! You let me go this instant!” Katie demanded “You are going to be in so much trou-“ Katie’s demands were suddenly stifled when Angela put a large sponge into Katie’s mouth, almost filling it. Next, Angela got a scarf and wrapped it around Katie’s mouth, holding the sponge in place. With muffled “mmmm’s” Katie realised that she was very effectively gagged.

Next, Angela sat on top of Katie and got some rope out of the bag. She wrapped the rope around Katie’s elbows, pulling them together. Then Angela wrapped the rope vertically, cinching it and pulling elbows even closer together. Finally, the rope was tied off and Angela stood up.

“mmmm, mmmmm.” Was all that Katie could say. I’m helplessly bound and gagged and at the mercy of two eleven year old girls! This is not funny! What are they going to do with me?

She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Shall we go to bed now?” Zoe asked Angela. “We normally leave these women for dad to find when he gets home. They never babysit for him again.”

“This is different,” answered Angela “The other women turned up in jeans and t-shirt. This one is in a dress, like she is going out with someone. She really wants to steal dad from us so that we never see him again.”

“Yes.” Said Zoe, “If he goes off with her, we’ll never see him again and he won’t love us anymore, just like what happened with mummy.” Zoe started to sob.

Angela hugged and comforted Zoe to stop her crying. “I know, mummy left with a doctor and she’s never come back. It shows that she doesn’t love us, but dad still does. Let’s make sure that this woman won’t steal dad from us.”

Gary’s wife ran off with another man? I never knew that? Katie thought.

“She put on that dress to make him look at her. I saw the way dad looked at her. Without the dress, he won’t look at her and she can’t steal him from us.” Angela said

“Yes,” Zoe responded “and you know how angry dad is if we are not dressed. He will be very angry at the babysitter.”

You’re kidding! They’re not going to remove my dress! This is ridiculous!

Angela and Zoe rolled Katie onto her left side.

This can’t be happening! I’m going to be undressed by two kids. I should have worn t-shirt and jeans after all!

Angela started to undo the buttons on Katie’s dress, from the top to the bottom. When all of the buttons were undone, Angela simply pulled on the dress and it came away from Katie.

Katie blushed shamefully. She was now lying on the floor in her underwear.

“Angela,” said Zoe, “We do want to make dad really angry at the babysitter, don’t we?”

“Yes?” said Angela “We do.”

“Remember after bath-time once? Daddy was very angry because we didn’t get dressed? Well, if the sitter’s not wearing anything like we were, then dad will be very very angry at her.”

“That’s right,” Angela said. “Ok you deal with the bottom and I’ll do the top.”

“mmmm, MMMMM” said Katie.

No ! This can’t be happening! Katie struggled as much as she could, which to be honest, was not much.

Angela undid the clasp at the front of Katie’s bra after some fiddling and then took it off Katie. Zoe pulled Katie’s panties down to her knees, then around the bend at her knees and finally to Katie’s ankles.

Oh God! This is so shameful Katie thought These kids have stripped me naked! I should have never let them tied me up! Gary is going to be mad at me when he gets back. I’ve let him down completely!

“One final thing.” Said Angela. She rolled Katie back onto her front. Then Angela got another piece of rope and tied it to the back of Katie’s gag.

What’s she going to do now? Thought Katie.

Angela looped the rope around the wrappings at Katie’s elbows and then pulled gently but firmly on the rope. Katie’s head was pulled off the ground and soon was as far back as it could go. Angela then tied the rope off. Katie’s neck started to ache a little.

“Let’s go to bed now,” said Angela. “SHE’S not stealing our dad away from us, the way our mummy was stolen.” With that, they left Katie alone in the room with her thoughts.

Katie looked at the clock on the video recorder. It said ten past ten.

Oh No! I’ve got less than twenty minutes to get out of this! Katie started to struggle, bend, twist, writhe, trying anything she could get to find some measure of freedom.

After fifteen minutes, Katie gave up, sweaty, exhausted and with no hope.

It’s over! She thought. He’s going to find me like this, bound, gagged and naked and he’s never going to speak to me again. I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t call the police.

Katie started to quietly sob as the futility of her situation sunk in. She lay there helpless, oblivious to the time and she never even heard the front door open...

End of Chapter 1
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 1

Postby Plueschbabycd » Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:57 am

Hallo skybird137, nice first part. But that this not finish on this point and Fictional intimate TUGs late me think girl`s are wrong. :) Perhaps he love it so much that, the girl must real get fear "she steals" her dad. :D
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 1

Postby Staynercowboy » Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:01 am

Keep going your doing great loving this story
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 1

Postby boundboy » Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:34 am

nice story so far
This boy is ready to be bound with rope and gags


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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 1

Postby sarumansauron » Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:52 pm

Great start! Thanks!
I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!!

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 1

Postby SelenaGfan » Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:55 pm

WOnder what fun things Gary is going to do to Katie.

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 1

Postby the other one » Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:59 pm

great story
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby skybird137 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:03 pm

Chapter 2 Holding out for a Hero

”Oh my God! What’s happened!” Gary said.

Katie was no longer quietly sobbing. The floodgates had opened and tears were streaming down her face. Katie’s humiliation was complete.

“Oh God, I should have warned you.” Gary said as he removed the rope that tied Katie’s gag to her elbows. ”I didn’t think that you would let yourself be tied up, I’m so sorry.”

At the word sorry, Katie reverted from crying to just sobbing again. She closed her eyes and felt the scarf being untied and removed. Then she realised that her mouth was bone dry, because of the sponge. She opened her mouth wide and Gary removed the sponge.

“Water.” Katie croaked.

Gary ran into the kitchen and brought back a glass full of water with a straw. He placed the straw into Katie’s mouth. Between sobs, Katie sipped water into her mouth, until she felt she could speak properly again. She shook her head to indicated that she had finished drinking.

I’m going to have to tell him that I’ve let him down badly, she thought. Katie sobs started to grow stronger again.

Gary started to untie the rope that tied her wrists to her ankles.

“I’m so sorry.” She sobbed. “I’ve gone and let you down totally. I shouldn’t have let them tie me up. I have been completely irresponsible. You must really hate me for this.” Katie could no longer speak as she started crying hard again. She closed her eyes to stop the flood of tears.

Katie became aware that her ankles were no longer tied to her hands. Then she was rolled onto her back. Strong, gentle arms cradled her and lifted her up into the air. Then she felt herself being put onto the settee in a sitting position. Now she felt something press against her face. Katie opened her eyes.

She saw that Gary was dabbing his handkerchief against her face, drying her tears.

“This is all my fault,” he said. You shouldn’t blame yourself for what happened. If I had warned you, you would not be in this position.”

At this, Katie stopped her sobbing. “But I should have been more careful,” she replied “Anything could have happened.” A thought crossed her mind when she remembered what the two girls had said “Has this happened before?” she asked.

“Yes, you’re the sixth babysitter that this has happened to.” Gary answered. “It started about six months ago and word has spread. It’s impossible for me to get a babysitter now. Nobody must have told you, that’s why you must have come tonight.”

“So, what happened with the others?” Katie asked.

“Well, when I come home, I discover them on the floor in the same position as you, hogtied and gagged and struggling for dear life. They are always very angry, some of them threaten to call the police. I end up having to pay a lot more than usual so they don’t get the girls into trouble. The difference with the previous five girls is that they have never been undressed.”

“Were they all wearing jeans and t-shirt. And have they ever told you why they were tied up?” asked Katie.

“Well, yes, they were all dressed casually, in jeans and t-shirt.” Answered Gary. “and from what I got out of them, the girls just played a game of cops and robbers, tied them up very tight, then went to bed.”

“Well, they spoke to each other, once I was bound and gagged. I think there might be some answers in that.” Katie suddenly realised that she was having a casual conversation with Gary, even though she was still naked and tied up. She shivered and thought. He’s not tried to untie me yet, I wonder why? Maybe this is a bit of a shock to him too.

“This has been a real shock to the system.” Katie said. “I think I need a bit of comfort. I know it’s a stupid thing to ask, but could you hold me please?”

“Sure.” Gary said. He sat down on Katie’s right side and put his arms around her. Katie felt the way he was holding her in this position was a little awkward.

“Could you hold me closer to you?” Katie asked “I think it work better that way.”

“Ok.” Gary positioned Katie until she was sitting on his lap. He held her closer now. “Is that better?” he asked.

“Yes, much.” Katie said. She started to snuggle into him. “I need this after my ordeal on the floor”.

This was making Katie feel much better. She understood that Gary was not angry with her and she was actually in his arms. This was not how she thought the evening would go, but at least she was starting to feel good.

“Well, at least you’re smiling now,” said Gary. “When I found you all tied up, I thought that you would never speak to me again.”

Katie looked up into Gary’s eyes, and then felt like she couldn’t look away...

Finally, she managed to move her gaze, blushing furiously.

“Are you okay?” asked Gary.

“I’m fine.” Katie answered. She snuggled into Gary again and raised her eyes to meet his. After a few moments, she closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly.

In a moment, she felt Gary’s lips gently press against hers. Kiss after kiss gently rained down upon her lips. Soon, the kisses moved down to her neck, planted one by one below her ears. Katie allowed herself to be immersed in the experience.

As the kisses moved to her cheeks, Katie felt gentle caresses to her hair. She snuggled as much as she could into Gary while this was happening.

This is wonderful! Katie thought. I could stay like this all night.

Soon the kisses moved back to her lips. This went on for a while, and then Katie felt Gary press his lips more passionately to hers. Soon, she felt his tongue press against her teeth.

Katie parted her mouth to allow Gary entry.

She felt his tongue gently slip into her mouth. Now she felt her tongue being caressed by his. Katie pressed her tongue against Gary’s and now the two tongues intertwined.

Katie lost herself in the moment. Finally, the kissing stopped and she found herself just held in Gary’s arms. She opened her eyes.

“What is it?” Katie asked.

“Well, this is wonderful, but I think that we need to get back to what happened now.” Gary answered. “You said that my daughters talked to each other after you were bound and gagged.”

“Yes.” Katie said. She told Gary all about what they had said and done. “I didn’t know that your wife had run off.”

Gary looked very sad “She didn’t run off. It was a Friday night, about two years ago. We were getting ready to go out and we had a babysitter arranged. The babysitter turned up and it was going okay as usual.”

“Then Jane, my wife collapsed onto the floor.”

“I called the emergency services for an ambulance, while the babysitter took care of my two girls. A paramedic arrived within minutes, he took one look at Jane’s eyes and said that she had to go to hospital immediately. He picked her up and carried her down to his car. I was getting ready to follow them, but I needed to calm Angela and Zoe down first. It was about 20 minutes before we heard the door bell ring.”

“It was a police officer. He asked if he could speak to me privately, so we went into the bedroom. He said that he was sent here as soon as possible. I already knew what he was going to say, but I needed to hear to anyway. Jane didn’t even make it to the hospital, but died on the way there. Later, it was confirmed that it was a massive brain haemorrhage, something that couldn’t be foreseen. We all took it very badly, but I thought that the girls were over it by now. It’s obvious that they aren’t”

“But you said the babysitter problem started about six months ago. What could have made things different?” asked Katie.

“It can’t be.” exclaimed Gary “That would be insane.”

“What is?” asked Katie.

“There was a drama/romance film on television about six months ago. A husband and a wife from different marriages who have both been betrayed fall in love with each over. The wife of the first marriage runs off with a doctor, and the husband of the second marriage runs off with a.... a BABYSITTER!”

“Well,” said Katie “It’s quite clear that when Angela and Zoe watched the movie, it had a major effect on them. They obviously think that any babysitter wants you to run off with her and abandon your two daughters.”

“At least we now know why they’ve behaved this way, but your situation is different.” Gary said, looking at Katie’s bound and naked body.

Katie became self-conscious of her position again. “Well, I wasn’t wearing jeans and t-shirt like the other women, I did come dressed to kill. I wanted to make a good impression on you and get you to notice me.”

“I definitely noticed you, from the moment I saw you tonight.” replied Gary.

“The problem is, I think the girls realised and that was the reason they were worse than usual.” Said Katie.

“I think we need to talk to the girls now,” said Gary “and sort out this mess. Don’t go anywhere.” With that he left the living room.

As if I could go anywhere, Katie thought, I’m still helplessly tied up.

In about 30 seconds, Gary returned with a large bath towel. “I’ll help you stand up.” he said. Gary held Katie steady while she stood up. He then pulled her panties back up. Next he wrapped the towel around her, covering Katie from her armpits to her knees.

“That should be good enough for the moment.” Gary said. He lowered Katie back into a sitting position on the couch. Then Gary left the living room again.

Well, I’m still tied up, Katie thought. I wonder how long I’m going to stay like this.

About two minutes later, Gary walked back in, with Angela and Zoe in front of him. They were now dressed in green pyjamas.

“Now tell Katie that you are sorry that you tied her up and undressed her.”

Both girls said “We’re sorry.”

“Now we both know why you tied her up. It’s to stop her from stealing me, isn’t it.” Gary said.

The two girls gasped. “We don’t want you to go dad.” Said Zoe.

Angela said “If Katie goes tonight, she’ll take you with her and we’ll never see you again.”

“Gary,” said Katie “in the film when did the babysitter leave with the man.”

“It was at night, after the children had gone to sleep.” A look of realisation crossed his face “Oh, now I get it.”

Katie thought for a second. “Okay, so girls, if I leave in the morning, would you be worried about me stealing your dad?”

“No.” said the girls

“Well, I’ll just have to stay the night and go in the morning.” said Katie. “Is that alright?”

“But you could leave anytime, and steal dad.” Said Angela.

Katie thought of something. Then she stood up, very carefully and turned her back to the girls. “Angela, Zoe, right now, could I steal your father?” She asked.

“No.” answered the girls.

“Why not?” asked Katie.

“You are tied up and cannot do anything.” Said Angela.

“You could not leave, even if you wanted to.” Said Zoe.

“Katie turned around, very slowly. “Angela, Zoe,” she said. “Does your dad keep his promises?”

Angela and Zoe answered “Yes.”

Katie looked at Gary. “Gary, you must make a promise to your daughters.”

“Are you sure?” Gary said. He realised what the promise would involve. “The situation could get quite uncomfortable for you?”

“I think Angela and Zoe would sleep okay if you made it.” answered Katie.

“Okay, now look at me girls.” said Gary.

Angela and Zoe turned around to face him.

“I promise to keep Katie tied up and helpless until tomorrow morning. She will not be released until then, okay?”

“Yes, thanks dad.” The two girls hugged their father. Then they did something unexpected. They turned around smiling and hugged Katie. “Thanks Katie,” they said.

“What for?” asked Katie.

“For making sure you cannot steal dad.” Angela said.

“I think you should carry me into the bedroom now, Gary.” said Katie “This will prove that I am completely helpless.”

Gary went out and opened the door to the main bedroom, then came back and picked Katie up. He then carried her through to the bedroom. It was a modest bedroom, except for the large brass bed. Gary lay Katie down upon the bed. Katie struggled helplessly, not to try to escape, but to show the girls that she was indeed, helpless.

“Come on girls, back to bed.” said Gary.

“Okay,” said the girls. As they started to go, they said “Goodnight Katie.”

“Goodnight.” replied Katie.

Gary left with them and a few minutes later, Katie heard some faint “Goodnights.”

Gary returned a few minutes later and closed the door.

End of Chapter 2
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby Plueschbabycd » Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:52 am

Very good part. Your expatiations why did it sound very plausible. :) I wait read more. I think Angela and Zoe have new Babysitter, perhaps a new mum. :)
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby sarumansauron » Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:15 pm

Great chapter 2! Thanks!
I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!!

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby SelenaGfan » Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:30 pm

Your stories are great reads after work.They are as good as HeadMistress & MissTieUup's
stories. :big:

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby skybird137 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:19 pm

Vivianfan wrote:Your stories are great reads after work.They are as good as HeadMistress & MissTieUup's
stories. :big:

I'm very flattered, but HeadMistress & MissTieUup's stories are far better than my mediocre attempts.
Calling Fifty Shades of Grey a Bondage Story is like calling Titanic an Iceberg Movie...


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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby Plueschbabycd » Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:13 am

skybird137 wrote:I'm very flattered, but HeadMistress & MissTieUup's stories are far better than my mediocre attempts.

Hallo Skybird, I would deny that. Your stories for me equal to HeadMistress & MissTieUup's stories. Perhaps your story is different form HeadMistress & MissTieUup's. I count you to great author of this form.
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 2

Postby skybird137 » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:07 am

Chapter 3 You’ve got that Loving Feeling

Katie watched as Gary went to the blanket chest and took out a blanket.

“What are you doing?” asked Katie.

“Getting a blanket,” Answered Gary. “I’m going to sleep on the settee, so as not to bother you.”

“That’s very sweet, but I think that in case of emergency it would be best if you slept with Little Miss ‘Tied-up’ here.” Said Katie. “Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to get any sleep tonight and I’m going to need the company.”

“Alright.” Gary put the blanket back and approached the bed.

“Also,” said Katie “Could you undress me too, I prefer to be naked when I go to bed.”

“Are you sure?” asked Gary.

“Well, you’ve already seen everything and I would rest more comfortably in the nude.” Answered Katie.

“Okay.” Gary went over to the side of the bed where Katie was lying. First, Gary removed the towel around Katie’s body. Then, he proceeded to pull Katie’s panties down to her ankles. Next, he pulled Katie’s stockings down to below her knees. Then Gary stopped.

“Before I untie your ankles, I have to do something first. Otherwise I’d be freeing you. And that would be breaking my promise.“ he said.

“Okay.” Katie replied.

Gary went to a bedside cabinet and took out a length of rope. He then tied Katie’s legs together, just above the knees. Now, he raised Katie up into a sitting position and lent her forward, so that her breasts were nearly touching her legs.

Gary then took another length of rope and tied it to the rope at Katie’s knees. Then he wrapped it around Katie’s body and legs several times, tying her legs to her chest. Finally, Gary tied the rope at Katie’s knees.

God! This is restrictive. I won’t be able to move an inch, Katie thought.

“I notice you’re very good at tying too.” Katie said. “Do you want to tell me about it? I’m not going anywhere, am I.”

“I’ll answer all of your questions, as soon as I undress you, don’t worry.” Gary replied. He gently tipped Katie backwards until she was on her back and her legs were in the air.

Katie suddenly felt completely vulnerable. She realised that her womanhood was completely exposed and accessible to Gary.

Gary untied the rope that bound Katie’s ankles together. Then he gently removed her panties, unzipped and took off her boots and finally pulled off her stockings.

While this was going on, Katie closed her eyes and her imagination took over. In her mind’s eye, she saw Gary penetrating her and taking complete advantage of her helplessness...

“Penny for your thoughts.” Gary said. He leaned Katie forward so that she was sitting up again.

Katie blushed. “I was fantasising about you making love to me in the position that I was in.”

“I’m flattered.” Gary said. “It’s a very good position to play with and caress a woman’s intimacy, but on a bed of this height, it’s not practical for a man to make love to a woman.” He untied the rope that was wrapped around her legs and chest.

“I’m just going to tie your legs in a different way than they’ve already been tied. Don’t worry.” Gary said. He lay Katie on her back again.

“I won’t.”

Gary put the long piece of rope away and got two shorter lengths. He took Katie’s right ankle and bent her right leg until her heel nearly pressed into her bottom. Gary then wrapped the rope around Katie’s right ankle and thigh several times and tied the ends off. Then Gary took Katie’s left ankle and bent her left leg until it was in the same position and repeated the process with the other piece of rope. The rope tying Katie’s knees together was then removed.

“It’s called a frog-tie. Your legs end up looking like the bent legs of a frog.” Gary said. He then pulled Katie’s knees apart. “It also makes a woman very accessible.”

“Okay, now are you going to lie down next to me?” Katie asked. She managed to roll onto her left side.

“Sure.” Gary lay down to her, lying on his right side just inches from her. Katie looked into Gary’s face and for a moment she was hesitant to speak.

Finally Katie found her voice. “Well, Can I ask now?”

“Go ahead.” Gary said.

“Well, how did your daughters learn to tie up babysitters so well?” Katie asked.

“Jane actually taught them.” Gary Answered. “They started playing cops and robbers. Zoe tied Angela up too tightly and Angela started crying. Rather than banning the games, because they would just play where we didn’t know, Jane told them how to tie up someone safely and gave them rules that they had to keep to. That way, they wouldn’t hurt each other when they played cops and robbers and we could keep an eye on them.”

“So, how did you learn?”

“Jane taught me, a long time ago. She loved being tied up, especially for lovemaking and I liked it anyway, so she made sure that I could tie her up safely.”

“And that’s why you didn’t rush to untie me, you liked me all tied up?”

“Yes, and I’m sorry. I should have. I waited until you asked me to untie you, but you didn’t say anything, and you seemed okay, so I left you like this. It looks like you don’t mind it.”

“Well, I did fantasise about you making love to me, so that’s true. The girls easily knew how to tie up an adult. Have they tied adults up before this?”

“When they played cops and robbers, they would sometimes ‘kidnap’ Jane. She actually turned this to her advantage one night, when I was working late. They decided to kidnap her, so she got them to tie her up on the bed right here. Then she got them to write a note on the front door saying ‘Mummy’s been kidnapped, please go to the bedroom.’ When I got home, Jane was really desperate for me to make love to her. I took my time and at the end, she was almost screaming at me to make her orgasm.”

“Jane liked this so much, so made it happen several more times.”

“Did Jane ever spent the night tied up, like I’m going to do?”

“Jane spent quite a few nights tied up, she said that she felt like ‘a helpless captive’.”

“And she had no problems getting to sleep?”

“Normally, she had no problem getting to sleep. There was one exception to this, though.”

“What was that?”

“We had got into a row. I was angry because she went on the net with my laptop and got it infected with a very nasty virus. The system was messed up so much, the machine had to be completely reinstalled. I had backed up the data the day before, thank goodness. She wanted me to forgive her and she told me how I should punish her.”

“What did you do?”

“First I stripped her naked and I tied her up in a strict hogtie, then gagged her. Next I put a crotch-rope on her which would provide stimulation, but no relief. Then I went to sleep on the settee. I woke up early the next morning, about four o’clock.”

“Carefully, I crept over to the door and put my ear to it. I could hear quiet sobbing. Then I opened the door. Jane looked a complete mess from being frustrated by stimulation. She looked like she had been crying all night. I removed her gag and the crotch-rope, dried her tears and after some making up, I made love to her. We overslept after that.”

“So did you make love to her on the nights that she slept tied up?”

“Yes.” Gary said.

“So,” Katie said “I have just two options, then. One, stay awake all night long, bound, helpless and frustrated. Two, be made love to so that I can fall asleep and have a good night’s rest. And that leaves only you to help me.”

“Either you leave me to lie awake all night, or you do the decent thing and take advantage of me.”

“I haven’t done this, you know, ever since Jane passed away.” Gary said. “Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this. You’re very beautiful and I am honoured that you would want me to make love to you.”

“I do want this.” Katie said “Please, please make love to me.”

Gary put his arms around Katie and pulled her close to him. Katie closed her eyes and parted her lips. She instantly felt the pressure of Gary’s lips upon hers.

Katie opened her mouth, Gary’s tongue gently probed inside. It touched her tongue, and then with gentle sweeps, it caressed her tongue again and again. Then their tongues intertwined for a while.

Then Gary withdrew his tongue and started to kiss Katie on the neck.

Now the kisses moved up to her ear.

“Can I blindfold you, please?” He whispered.

Katie nodded her head. I’m tied hand and foot; I might as well be blindfolded as well.

Katie felt the cloth being put around her head and then the knot being tied at the back of the head.

Kisses started to rain down upon her lips again, and then Katie felt her hair being caressed.

Then Gary’s tongue entered her mouth and their tongues intertwined again. Then Gary withdrew his tongue.

“Katie, you know you were gagged tonight, by my daughters.” Gary said.

“Yes. It was very uncomfortable.” Katie said.

“Well, I have a gag that is okay to use. May I try it on you?” Gary asked. “If you don’t like it I can take it off.”

“Okay,” Katie said “but if I don’t like it, I’m shaking my head, you understand, and you have to take it off.”

“Yes, certainly.” Gary said. “Give it minute or two after I put it on, it takes a little getting used to.”

Katie heard a fumbling sound. Then she heard Gary say:

“Open wide please.”

Katie did as she was asked. She felt a rubber ball being inserted into her mouth and then felt leather straps to either side of her face. Katie felt the two straps being buckled together at the back of her neck.

“MMMM, mmmm.” Was all that Katie could say.

“It’s called a ball-gag.” Gary said.

I’m completely helpless again. At least this time it’s going to be fun. Katie struggled against her bonds to prove her vulnerability.

Katie felt gentle arms hold her and roll her onto her back. Gary’s hands started to caress her body. She shivered with anticipation at what was to come. The hands were concentrating on her breasts now, gently soothing and caressing.

A feeling of strong arousal was spreading through Katie’s body. Fingers were now making little circles around her nipples, teasing her helpless body. Now her nipples were being pressed and rubbed, making her even more aroused.

Then Katie gasped as sweet little kisses were placed along the mounds of her breasts. Then the kisses turned into playful, teasing bites that made her writhe with excitement.

Kisses were now being placed in a circle around her nipples and then the nipples themselves were kissed. Next, the nipples were played with Gary’s lips and teeth and then caressed and teased with his tongue.

As her nipples were being teased, Katie became aware that Gary was using his hands to gently stroke her thighs. Her legs started to quiver.

The caresses were now concentrating on the upper part of her thighs now.

Katie started to feel a strong sense of arousal in her womanhood.

Please move your hands higher! Katie said through her gag, which came out as “mmmm’s.”

In response, Gary moved his hands further down her thighs, closer to her knees.

No. Thought Katie. No! And then she shook her head furiously, sending out a series of “mmmm’s,”

The hands moved to the top of her thighs, just a tiny distance away from her womanhood.

Katie nodded her head. Closer. Just a bit closer! Katie thought.

Now she felt a hand touch her womanhood. Katie gave out a long “MMMMMMMMM” as the feeling went through her like an electric shock.

The hand started to gently and slowly caressing her womanhood. At this, Katie started to writhe uncontrollably and her hips made little spasmodic jerks up and down.

The strokes were starting to get stronger now and increase in speed. Katie felt like she was a marionette, moving and jerking to the strings that were pulling her.

Yes. YES! She thought. Just a little more!

Then the strokes stopped.

Noooooo! Katie screamed in her mind. That’s not fair! She shook her head wildly from side to side, simultaneously thrusting her hips up into the air. You can’t leave me like this! Don’t do this to me!

Then she felt Gary get on top of her and then gasped as his manhood entered into her.

The thrusts began, slow and gentle.

Katie nodded her head. Yes, go on!

The thrust increased in quickness and intensity.

More! Just a little more! Katie thought. I’m nearly there!

The speed increased again.

Oh God. Oh God! OH GOD! OH MY GOOOO-!

All Katie was aware of was the orgasm that swept through her, robbing her of any other sensation. She just lay there on the bed jerking and quivering...

The next thing Katie knew, her gag and blindfold was removed and she was being gently held in Gary’s arms.

“Thank you. That was wonderful.” Katie said.

“No, thank you.” Gary replied. “You were wonderful.”

As Katie lay there enjoying the kisses, cuddles and the sweet nothings whispered in her ear, she said:

“The silly thing is that if it wasn’t for Angela and Zoe, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

“What do you mean?” Gary asked.

“Well, if things had gone as they should’ve, I would have waited until you got home, took your money and gone back to the bedsit.” Katie answered. “I was too shy even to make a move on you.”

“A bedsit, you don’t even have a separate flat?”

“No and most of the students just seem to want to make noise. I was grateful for the peace and quiet, so I was able to read and study.” Katie said.

“So being tied up changed the whole situation for you” Gary said.

“It’s not often that you’re actually a damsel in distress and you get rescued by a real hero.” Katie said drowsily. She started to feel very sleepy.

“Just rest, Katie. I’ll be here in the morning.” Gary said.

“Good night.” Katie said, and drifted off to sleep.

“Sweet dreams.” Gary said, and then kissed Katie on her brow.

End of Chapter 3
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 3

Postby Plueschbabycd » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:55 am

Hallo skybird, a really good Chapter I like it very much. Don´t tell any more you not good in writing. :D
Now It would interesting how goes on the next day. Will now accept Angela and Zoe her new women on side of her father?
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 3

Postby milagros317 » Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:51 pm

A really wonderful story. :D
I love bondage, tickling, and women's bare feet. :D

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 3

Postby skybird137 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:13 pm

Chapter 4 Save it for the Morning After

Katie awoke the next morning to the sound of an alarm clock. She yawned and stretched her arms.

At least she tried to. Then she realised that she was still helplessly bound. Katie opened her eyes and watched as Gary switched off the alarm.

“Well, the girls will be up in a half-hour.” He said. “Shall I get you dressed to meet them?”

Katie was writhing a little, experiencing the feel of the ropes against her helpless body. She realised with a start that this was actually making her aroused. Then an idea sprang into her head.

“Seeing as we have a little time,” She asked “could you do me a favour?”

“Yes,” Gary answered” what do you want?”

“Well, you remember the way I was tied up last night, with my legs in the air, when you undressed me? Could you tie me up that way again and play with me?” Katie asked.

“Certainly,” Gary said. “If this is what you want.”

“If you want to, you can blindfold and gag me, too” Katie offered. “Then I can be your helpless prisoner, totally at your mercy.”

I can’t believe I just said that! Katie thought I don’t know what’s come over me!

Gary went to the bedside cabinet and took some more rope out. Then he got on the bed with Katie and untied the ropes that tied her ankles to her thighs.

Katie straightened her legs out.

It’s hard to believe that I spent the night with my legs tied like that. She thought.

Gary then proceeded to tie Katie’s ankles together. First he wrapped rope around her ankles, then in between her legs to cinch the rope. Finally, Gary tied the ends off with a secure knot.

He then repeated the process above Katie’s knees.

“I’ll help you sit up now.” Gary said.

Gary helped raise Katie into a sitting position and then bent her knees. He then leaned her body over until again, her breasts were almost touching her knees.

Now he anchored one end of the long piece of rope to the bonds at Katie’s knees, then wrapped the rope around Katie’s chest and legs. Finally, he tied off the rope at Katie’s knees.

Katie struggled helplessly, not in any attempt to escape, but to feel how snug the ropes were.

“Open wide.” Gary said.

Katie opened her mouth wide. She knew what to expect. The ball-gag was put in her mouth and buckled at the back of her neck.

“MMMM, mmmm.” Was Katie’s response.

Katie closed her eyes and felt the cloth band being placed around her head, then being tied off at the back. She opened her eyes and all that she could see was darkness.

Katie felt strong but gentle arms hold her and they softly leaned her backward until she was on her back and her legs were up in the air. She now knew that her womanhood was completely exposed to Gary.

Katie waited. She didn’t have to wait long.

The gentle caress of a hand on her womanhood started.

“MMMMMMMMM.” Katie said. She writhed a little.

The caress got stronger and faster. Katie immersed herself in the sensation, in the desire.

As the caresses became even faster, Katie started to writhe uncontrollably and moans escaped her gagged mouth.

Yes! Come on, just a little more! Yes! Cried Katie, now that she was right on the edge of orgasm.

And then the caresses stopped.

No! Oh God, please No! Katie begged. You’ve stopped!

She moaned furiously and shook her head wildly, to no avail.

Katie had to wait in total frustration.

Eventually, the caresses started again, slow and gentle. Katie nodded her head.

Please, She thought. Please, this time, make me orgasm!

Again the strokes got quicker and more pressure was applied. Katie was again close to the point of orgasm.

Now, this time! Katie thought I’m nearly there!

And again it stopped.

No! You can’t do this to me! I need you to make me orgasm! I need this while I am bound and gagged!

Katie moaned like crazy and struggled, but it was useless.

“Do you want an orgasm from me?” Gary asked.

Yes! YES! Katie cried, nodding her head furiously. I WANT AN ORGASM!

“Then here’s the price. If I give you an orgasm, then you have to give me one when I ask for it. Do you understand?”

What does he mean by ‘give him an orgasm’? Katie thought. Wait! Does he mean what I think he means? That I have to take him in my mouth? He’s holding me to ransom! That’s so unfair! But I need this orgasm so badly!

I have no choice, I have to agree. Katie nodded her head slowly; knowing that she had been outmanoeuvred.

The caresses started again, but this time at great speed.


Finally, Katie received her orgasm, and all she could feel was the sensation going through her helplessly bound body.

Now Katie was aware of the blindfold and gagged being removed. The ropes that tied her chest to her legs were also being removed.

Katie stretched out on the bed. “You tricked me.” She said.

“I know.” Replied Gary. “You seemed to enjoy it very much though.”

A new sudden thought went through Katie’s mind. I enjoyed it totally! I want to be tied up all of the time for lovemaking! Oh God, it can’t be!

“Oh No!” She exclaimed. “I love this! Being bound and gagged for sex. Do you realise what’s happened? By tying me up and starting all of this, your daughters have turned me into a PERVERT!”

“Well, technically, you could trace it all the way back to Jane, in which case, join the club.” Gary smiled.

Katie smiled, despite what she had just said.

Gary got back onto the bed, lay down next to Katie and held her in his arms. Then he caressed her hair and gently kissed her on the lips. Katie snuggled into his arms...

Gary finally stopped kissing Katie and thought for a second. “I need to get you dressed.” He said.

“Yes.” Katie replied. “I don’t think wearing the dress is a good idea though, your daughters reacted badly to it. This is a long shot, but do you have anything that might fit me, t-shirt, jeans, anything.”

Gary got off the bed and looked through the wardrobe. After a little searching, he said “I forgot that was there!”

“What is it?” Asked Katie.

“It was some clothes I got for Jane, but she never wore them. They might fit you.”

Gary took the bundle out of the wardrobe and put it on the bed and then opened it.

The bundle consisted of a pair of jeans, a boob-tube and two headbands, both wide.

“Jane used to wear this stuff every Saturday, I’ll help you get into it.” Gary said. “however, I need to untie your legs first.”

Gary untied the rope that tied Katie’s legs above the knees, and then the rope that bound her ankles

Gary went over to Katie’s underwear, picked it up and went back over to Katie to get her dressed.

First he dressed Katie in her panties, then her bra and finally, her stockings. He then took hold of the boob-tube and jeans. First He put the boob-tube on Katie, taking it up from her ankles. Then he got Katie into the jeans. They fitted perfectly. Gary then spread the boob-tube out so that it covered Katie from almost her neck, down to her jeans.

“There we are, all dressed except for a pair of trainers.” He said. “I think there’s a pair in the kitchen, I’ll just go and look.” With that, Gary left the bedroom, leaving Katie alone...

End of Chapter 4
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 4

Postby Plueschbabycd » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:48 am

Hallo skybird137, you also a master of cliffhanger. I can wait what the children say. A very good story.
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 4

Postby sarumansauron » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:49 pm

Good chapters 3 and 4. THanks!
I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!!

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 5

Postby skybird137 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:06 pm

Chapter 5 Bound for Breakfast

He came back a minute later, with a smile on his face.

“What is it?” asked Katie.

“They’re setting out breakfast!” Gary answered. “They haven’t done it since Jane passed away. And what’s more, they’re setting out four places. They want you to have breakfast with us.”

“Me?” said Katie. “Last night, they didn’t even want me here!”

“It looks like things have changed.” Gary said. “They always liked feeding Jane on Saturday morning.” He picked up the two headbands.

“Feeding Jane? What do you mean?” Katie asked.

“Well, Every Saturday morning they would take Jane from the bedroom to the kitchen table, and feed her breakfast. Jane couldn’t feed herself you see, because her hands were tied behind her back, same as you are now.”

“Every Saturday morning, after making love, I would dress Jane similar to the way you’re dressed now, then I would tie a piece of rope around her waist, with a large amount hanging to the floor at the front. Then I would take a piece of rope and tie one end to each ankle, leaving a length of about two feet, so she could only take short steps.” Gary said.

“What would happen then?” Katie asked.

“Angela and Zoe would come in and the first thing they would do is reposition the two headbands that Jane wore. They would pull one down to Jane’s mouth and gag her with it, and the second one would be pulled over Jane’s eyes to act as a blindfold.” Gary answered. “Then they would pull on the rope around Jane’s waist where they would lead her to the kitchen, sit her down on a chair, remove the gag and then feed her.”

“Do you think that they want to do that to me? After the way they were last night?” Katie asked.

“Well, if they do, wouldn’t it be good? It would mean that they have accepted you.” Gary answered. “Do you want to play along?” He asked.

“Okay.” Katie answered. “I think I’m going to end up spending some more time tied up.”

Gary took the two circular elasticated headbands and put the around Katie’s head. She noticed that they gripped very tightly. Next, Gary took a piece of rope and tied each end to one of Katie’s ankles, leaving about one and a half feet of rope between her legs. Finally, Gary tied a long piece of rope around Katie’s waist. The ‘lead’ so to speak, just touched the floor. Katie sat down on the bed.

“One last thing, I couldn’t find any trainers. I can get some in twenty minutes, but I’ll have to go out. Is that okay?” Gary asked.

“Yes, but just get some cheap ones; don’t go out of your way, please.” Katie answered.

Then there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Can we come in dad?” Angela asked.

“Yes.” Gary answered.

The door opened. Angela and Zoe were still in the green pyjamas from the night before. First they looked at Gary, and then their eyes fell on Katie.

They gasped. Angela and Zoe just stood there astonished for a few seconds, and then Zoe walked up to Katie’s right side. Angel went to Katie’s left.

Zoe looked thoughtful for a few seconds then took hold of one of the headbands and moved it down Katie’s head until it was just above her mouth.

Katie opened her mouth wide. Zoe pulled the band forward and down and then placed it between Katie’s teeth.

Katie closed her mouth. “Mmmm, mmmm.” She said.

Angela now took the other headband and placed it over Katie’s eyes.

Now I’m bound, gagged and blindfolded. Katie thought. I hope they’re kinder to me this time.

Katie felt a gentle tug on her ‘lead’, so she stood up.

“Could you come with us for breakfast, Katie? Angela asked. “Please?”

Katie followed the tugs, slowly and carefully. I hope they know what they’re doing, she thought, I don’t want to trip over anything.

After a few minutes, Katie felt no more tugging on her ‘lead’ so she stopped. Katie heard the sound of a chair being moved and felt the front of the chair at the back of her legs.

“Could you please sit down on the chair Katie?“ Zoe asked.

Katie sat down carefully. She felt her body being leaned forward and then her arms were lifted up. Now Katie was being leaned back and her arms went behind the back of the chair.

The rope around Katie’s waist was untied. She could hear fumbling to the right of her. Then she felt the rope go across her waist from right to left, then after a moment, back to the right again. This was repeated once more.

They must be tying me into the chair, Katie thought. They must have tied the rope to the right back leg, then put it over my waist, looped around the left rear leg, then back again, then again once more.

Now Katie felt the rope around her ankles being retied, together this time. Then she felt rope being looped around her wrist tie and being pulled. The effect of this pulled her ankles back until her feet no longer touched the floor. Now the rope was tied off.

Let me get this straight now Katie thought, I’m wearing jeans and a boob-tube, and sitting in a low-back plastic kitchen chair. My hands are tied behind my back and my elbows are tied together. I’m blindfolded and gagged, and there’s rope across my waist, tied to the rear chair legs, holding me down. My ankles are tied together and there’s rope from my ankles to my wrists, lifting my ankles off the floor. I’m completely helpless again.

Then Katie felt her gag being removed.

“Would you like some breakfast now, Katie?” Angela asked.

“Yes please.” Katie answered.

“Open wide please.” Zoe said.

Katie opened her mouth. A spoon full of cereal was gently placed into her mouth. Katie now sealed her lips. The spoon was withdrawn and Katie carefully chewed and swallowed the cereal.

“Would you like a sip of orange juice, Katie?” Zoe asked.

Katie nodded her head. She felt a straw press against her lips and took a sip of orange juice through it.

“Do you feel more comfortable now, Katie?” Gary asked. She heard that he had finished his breakfast.

“Yes, thank you.” Katie answered. “Do you want to go now? I think I’ll be safe here now.”

“Don’t worry dad, we won’t hurt Katie.” Angela said.

“Goodbye now, I’ll be back soon.” Gary said.

Katie heard the sound of the front door closing.

In between eating their own meal, the girls fed Katie her breakfast.

Finally, Katie’s breakfast was over.

“Is it all right if we gag you now, Katie?” Zoe asked.

“Okay” Katie said. She opened her mouth.

Again, the headband was placed between Katie’s teeth.

Katie relaxed in her chair. Gary should be back in quarter of an hour she thought.

Katie actually started to doze off in the chair.

“Put your hands in the air!”

Katie was startled in full wakefulness.

What’s going on? Katie thought.

“Ok!” Angela said. “I’ll do as you ask.”

“Now turn around.” Zoe said.

“I’ll do anything you say, just don’t shoot me.” Angela responded, putting on a mock scared voice.

Now Zoe said, “Put your hands behind your back.”

“Okay. What are you going to do with me?” Angela asked.

“I’m kidnapping you for some ransom money.” Zoe answered.

Katie heard a fumbling sound.

Is she doing what I think she’s doing? Katie thought.

Katie heard some more fumbling and then heard a series of “mmmm’s.”

Poor Angela, being kidnapped by Zoe. Katie listened. Now she could hear even more fumbling.

Katie shook her head wildly. I need to see what’s happening!

The fumbling stopped. Zoe said, “Do you want to see what I’m doing?”

Katie nodded her head. Zoe lifted the headband up so Katie could see.

Katie’s thought was, Poor Angela! She’s tied up worse than me!

Angela was sitting on a chair and was turned mostly with her back to Katie. Her wrists were tied together, as were her elbows. There was rope around her chest and her waist, binding her arms to her body. A scarf was over her mouth, probably holding in a handkerchief. Finally, her legs were tied together at the knees, just above and below.

“mmmm.” That was all that Angela was able to say.

Zoe returned to Angela, knelt down and swiftly but surely tied Angela’s ankles together, while Angela watched intently. Angela then struggled against her bonds, but the ropes held fast.

“Now I’m taking you away as my hostage.” Zoe said.

Angela stood up, and to Katie’s surprise hopped to the door of the kitchen.

She made that look easy! Katie thought I would have fallen over.

Zoe saw the look of concern on Katie’s face. “Don’t worry Katie, we’re just playing hostage. Last time it was my turn to be kidnapped.”

Zoe went back over to Katie and blindfolded her again.

“Dad will be back soon. He can be your hero and rescue you.”

Katie heard a hopping sound and also Zoe walking out of the kitchen. The door was closed and Katie was left alone, helplessly bound and gagged...

End of chapter 5
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 5

Postby SelenaGfan » Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:13 am

Thank you for another fun post to read.It looks like the girls like Katie
and trust her with thier dad.

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 5

Postby Plueschbabycd » Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:09 am

Hallo, yes look that the like. But think her Dad must punish them in next part again. They should know that she can´t let Katie alone in this way. The have allays to watch a bound person especially when this person has a gag. Perhaps now can Katie tied up the tow girls.
Skybird your great author because understand to surprise a reader with ever now part. :)
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 5

Postby sarumansauron » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:14 am

Good chapter 5! Thanks!
I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!!

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 5

Postby skybird137 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:53 am

Chapter 6 Tied and teased

Soon Katie heard the front door open and then heard Gary’s voice:

“Hi, it’s only me.” Gary said. “Angela, Zoe, I’m back.”

Katie waited for a response, from the children, but there wasn’t one.

They’re still playing. Katie thought. I would have thought that Zoe would have said something; I know that Angela won’t be saying much right now.

Now Katie heard some knocking. “Zoe, Angela, are you in there?” Gary asked.

Katie heard another door open. After maybe a minute, Katie listened to Gary as he said:

“Okay, girls, as you’re busy, I’ll be back in an hour.”

So, the girls are okay. Katie thought. I hope he got those trainers.

After another minute, the door to the kitchen opened.

“Hi, Katie, I got those trainers for you. They should fit.”

Gary untied the rope that connected Katie’s wrist to her ankles and Katie was then able to extend her feet forward.

Now Katie felt the trainers being put on and laced up. She could sense that the rope that was pressing against her waist was being untied.

It won’t be long until I’m freed then.

Katie felt herself being lifted out of the chair, and then being lowered into a kneeling position on the floor. She felt her knees press into a cushion.

Now what’s going on? She thought.

“Kneel straight up.” Gary ordered.

Katie did so, as much as she could. Her upper legs and body were vertical. She felt the rope from her ankles being tied to her wrists. The long rope was being tied around both her waist and her wrists immobilizing her arms.

Now I’m tightly tied up in a kneeling position! What’s in store for me?

Gary whispered in her ear “Be quiet now, we don’t want the kids to hear.”

Katie nodded. Gary removed the gag.

“What are you doing?” Katie whispered.

Katie felt herself being turned around, and then heard a chair move in front of her. Gary was now sitting in the chair right in front of Katie.

“Well, you know that orgasm you promised me? I’m going to collect on that now.”

“Here, now? I’m worried that the girls could come in at any time.” Katie said.

“So I think you should get a move on.” Gary said. “Do you agree?”

“Looks like I don’t have any choice. Okay,” Katie opened her mouth wide.

“I just want to put something in your mouth first, before we start.” Katie felt an object being placed into her mouth and then straps were buckled behind her neck.

This isn’t a ball-gag! Katie thought. It’s like a large ring attached to straps, keeping my mouth wide open. I’m totally vulnerable, right now.

“It’s called a Ring-gag.” Gary said.

(Anyone who feels nervous about reading the next part should close their eyes now. I’ll tell you when you can open then again.)

Katie listened to the sound of a zip being pulled down, and then to the sound of some fumbling. She knew what was going to happen next.

Katie felt Gary’s hands on her head, gently pushing her head forwards a little. Then his manhood entered her mouth.

There’s no way I can possibly stop this! The ring-gag holds my mouth open. Then another thought entered her mind

Oh my God! The girls could come in anytime and find us like this. It would be very embarrassing.

Katie got to work, thrusting her head backward and forward and caressing Gary’s manhood with her tongue. She was trying to use her lips too, but the gag made it nearly impossible.

Please, climax soon! I don’t want the girls to see us like this! Katie was caressing Gary’s manhood as fast as she could with her tongue, and also sped up the thrusts of her head a much as possible.

Katie felt Gary start to shudder. Nearly there!

Now two hands gripped her head firmly Oh God! I’m going to have to take this in my mouth and there’s no way I can prevent it! She continued with her tongue caressing.

Gary gave a massive shudder and the warm liquid spurted into Katie’s mouth.

Gary then withdrew his manhood from Katie’s mouth and let go of her head.

/’m going to have to swallow; I can’t spit with this gag in! She thought.

After Katie swallowed as best as she could, she felt the gag being unbuckled and removed. A straw was inserted into her mouth. Katie sipped on the milk and used it to swallow the rest of the juices down her throat. Finally, Katie had had enough milk and let go of the straw.

(Okay, you can open your eyes now.)

“That was mean of you,” Katie said in a not very serious voice, “fun, but mean. We’re lucky Angela and Zoe didn’t walk in on us here.”

“I’m sorry,” Gary said, “it was just too much of an opportunity to waste. I’m going to ball-gag you one last time this morning and you can go in half an hour. Is that okay?”

“I don’t have any choice really, do I?” Katie said. She opened her mouth.

The ball-gag was put into her mouth, and then buckled firmly into place.

“I’m going to carry you into the living room now and put you onto the settee.” Gary said.

Katie felt strong gentle arms hold her then lift her up into the air. Now she noticed that she was being carried by Gary, into the living room. Next Katie felt herself being lowered down onto the settee and she was turned over onto her front.

“I’m just going to put you in a tight hogtie now.” Gary said.

Katie felt the rope tying her ankles to her wrists being untied, then retied so that her hands could touch her feet again.

Now, I can’t even move an inch. What’s next?

Katie was turned around until she was on her back again.

Gary whispered into her ear. “You know, that orgasm you gave me was so good, I think that you deserve two instead of just one. So I will pay you back right now.” He starts to pull Katie’s boob-tube down.

Katie shook her head. No! Don’t! Stop! The children are going to see us! Katie pleaded with Gary but it all came out as “MMMM, mmmm.” She struggled as much as she could, but again she moved very little.

Gary started to plant little kisses on Katie’s breasts, above the bra.

That feels wonderful, Katie thought. Then No! This isn’t the time! We could get caught!

Now Gary unclasped the bra and exposed Katie’s breasts. He placed sweet tender kisses on the mounds of her breasts.

Oh God! That feels sooo good. No! I can’t enjoy this! We’ll get into trouble! Oh, that’s great, keep going. No, stop!

Gary now kissed around Katie’s nipples.

Stop! No, don’t stop! What am I thinking! I want this, but I don’t want to be seen by the kids! Oh, that’s good, that’s very good.

Katie felt that her nipples were now being kissed. At the same time, her jeans were being undone.

Come on Gary, you need to stop! No, don’t stop, carry on! Please make me orgasm. No, stop, stop please. No, don’t stop!

As Gary now took her nipples between his teeth, Katie noticed that her jeans and panties were pushed down deep enough and a hand was gently caressing her womanhood.

Katie nodded her head Yes! Yes! Do it! Do it quickly. Hurry!

The caresses now increased in speed and intensity until Katie was on the edge of orgasm.

Just a bit more! Please! I must orgasm!

And the caresses stopped.

Katie screamed into her gag. Finish me! Do this, please!

“Sorry, just teasing.” Gary continued with the strokes.

Yes! YES! YEEEEEE-! The orgasm exploded through Katie. For a moment, she felt nothing else. It was wonderful.

Katie was only vaguely aware of her blindfold removed and her clothing put back into place. Gary started to gently kiss Katie’s cheek and caress her hair.

Katie went “mmmm.” She looked questioningly in the direction of the girls’ bedroom.

They haven’t come out of there since they decided to play kidnap. What are they doing?

“Are you wondering why we haven’t seen the girls while we were having fun?” Gary asked.

Katie nodded her head.

“Well, I suppose you could say that they’re a bit tied up at the moment.” Gary said.

Katie was shocked at this and looked angrily at Gary. Tell me you didn’t tie them up, that would be very cruel.

Gary realised what Katie was thinking and said: “No I didn’t do anything to them, Let me show you this.”

Gary took out his phone and set it to video playback. He pressed a button and Katie watched in stunned amazement.

Gary knocked on the girls’ door, he said:

“Zoe, Angela, are you in there?”

She then watched as he opened the door. She saw that the camera was aimed at Angela. She was lying on her front on her bed, with her hands tied to her feet in a hogtie and was struggling furiously but helplessly, going “MMMM.”. The camera turned and was now aimed at Zoe’s bed.

Katie gasped.

Zoe was lying on her back on the bed, stretched out. What shocked Katie was that Zoe was tied up as well. Her hands were shackled in a pair of handcuffs, which were tied to the top of the bed. Zoe’s feet were encased in another pair of handcuffs, which were tied to the foot of the bed. She had a school tie in between her teeth and around her face, gagging her. Zoe was also struggling but not very much.

Gary asked quietly, “Did you do all of this?” Zoe nodded her head. “Who do you want to be rescued first: you, Angela or Katie?” Zoe shook her head at the first two names but nodded at the third.

“Okay, I’ll rescue Katie, but it will take a little while. Is that okay?” Zoe nodded again.

Gary then Left the room, said “Okay, girls, as you’re busy, I’ll be back in an hour.” And then he quietly closed the door.

Katie was completely shocked. Zoe did this to herself? That’s weird and a half!

Then another thought entered her mind. I was scared that the girls would catch us and I mentioned it to Gary! He knew all the time that there was no way that we could be seen! I was worried and scared for nothing! Why you-.

It was probably a very good idea for Gary to leave Katie tightly gagged at this time...

When Katie had cooled down, Gary turned her over onto her front and then removed her ball-gag

“That was so mean.” Katie said. “You let me think that we were going to be discovered, instead of the fact that we were completely safe.”

“Yes, I know. It was too good an opportunity to miss.” Gary said. “I’m going to untie you now.”

Gary removed the rope that kept Katie hogtied. Katie sighed with relief as she straightened her legs.

Gary now Katie into a sitting position and removed the rope that tied her arms to her waist.

“Gary, did Zoe actually tie herself up?” Katie asked. “It seems very weird.”

“Yes, I know.” Gary answered. “Jane said if we forbid it though, Zoe will just do it in secret.” Gary removed her waist rope and now untied Katie’s ankles.

“Well, so long as she’s okay.” Katie said. She exercised her feet a little after her ankles were free.

“Are you going to untie them after freeing me?” Katie asked as Gary untied her elbows.

“Actually, I think that you should rescue them.” Gary answered as he untied Katie’s wrists and she was finally free.”

“Why?” Katie asked, while she was rubbing her wrists.

“They may bond with you a bit better. You said yourself that the bedsit is noisy, maybe I can set up the spare bedroom as a study room for you. You can work in peace then.”Gary answered.

“That would be good, but it all depends on Angela and Zoe.” Katie said. “Shall I free them now?” She asked.

“Remove Zoe’s gag first. She’ll guide you through the rest.” Gary answered.

“Okay.” Katie walked over to the girls’ bedroom and knocked on the door. “Is anyone in?” She asked.

Katie suddenly heard some loud “MMMMs.” from behind the door.

“Don’t worry girls; I’m here to rescue you.” Katie opened the door and walked in.

Katie went straight to Zoe and then removed her gag.

“Thanks Katie. We’ve been kidnapped for ages and we couldn’t escape. Please rescue us.” Zoe said.

“Okay. So where are the keys to your cuffs?” Katie asked.

“I don’t know where they are. Angela knows, so you need to free her first.” Zoe answered.

Katie turned to face Angela, helplessly struggling on her bed. “Where do I start?”

“There’s a knot at the front of her ankles. Untie it.”

Katie did so. “Now you can unwrap the rope that ties her ankles to her feet.” After Katie did that, Angela straightened her legs out.

“Now untie the knot on her ankles, and then unwrap the rope.” Zoe said.

“Zoe, is there just one knot for all of these ropes?” Katie asked.

“Yes.” Zoe answered. “If you can reach a knot, you can untie it. All of the knots are placed out of reach. It’s much easier to untie this way.”

“Now I know, the rest is easy” Katie replied. With that, she untied Angela’s chest and waist ropes, knees, elbows and finally the wrists. Angela sat up and united the gag around her mouth and then removed the handkerchief. Angela walked over to Zoe and opened the handkerchief. It contained a set of handcuff keys.

Angela unlocked Zoe’s handcuffs, first at the ankles, then the wrists.

Both girls then hugged Katie. She was quite surprised.

“Thanks for saving us, Katie.” Angela said. “Sorry we were so mean to you.”

“Yes.” Zoe said. “We would have been held prisoner for hours if it wasn’t for you”

After the two girls hugged Katie, they went into the living room with Katie following them. Angela and Zoe got onto the settee with Gary and gave him a big hug.

“Can Katie come and babysit for us again, please dad?” Zoe asked.

“We won’t be mean to her again.” Angela said.

“I’d like that, but it’s up to Katie, I think.” Gary answered.

“Please be our babysitter?” the two girls asked.

“Okay, as long as you behave yourselves.”Katie answered. This way she could spend more time with Gary.

“Thanks Katie” The two girls said.

“I’ll let myself out. You stay here with Angela and Zoe.” Katie said. She picked up her things and then headed for the front door.

“Bye, Katie.” Gary and the two girls said.

Katie opened the door, left the apartment and then closed the door behind her.

All in all, this went much better than expected, Katie thought with a smile.

End of Chapter 6
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 6

Postby Plueschbabycd » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:39 am

Hallo, that was really nice chapter.I only fly over with Grays manhood. That not my like.:) I want definitive read about her next time. :D
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 6

Postby MHW » Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:19 am

Wonderful story, barely been able to wait for each chapter, so I hope your planning on posting more! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 6

Postby sarumansauron » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:07 pm

Good chapter 6. Thanks!
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 6

Postby SelenaGfan » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:20 pm

Great story but I don't think that's the end is it. :big: :big:

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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 7

Postby skybird137 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:12 pm

Chapter7 I Just Can’t Get Enough

Within a week, Gary had sorted out the spare room so that Katie could use it as a study room or even sleep there if she needed to. Over the next three months, Katie used the apartment more and more, so that in the end, she didn’t even stay at her bedsit anymore.

This prompted a long talk one Friday evening in which Katie and Gary discussed the possibility of Katie now staying in the apartment. They both realised that the major sticking point would be the two girls.

“It’s all up to them,” Katie said “If they’re unhappy with the idea of me taking up residence here, then it would be best if I left.”

“I’m sure they’ll be fine. If they were unhappy about it, I’m sure we’d know by now. They seem quite happy to have you here now that they’ve grown used to you.” Gary replied “You sound like you’re still unsure about them.”

“Well, remember what happened the first night I was here. They tied me up and stripped me naked.” Katie pointed out.

“They haven’t touched you since, though and they tell me they’re really glad for you to be around.”

The children’s bedroom door opened and the children stared out, ashen-faced.

“There’s your answer, Katie.” Gary said. “Look at their faces.”

“Don’t go Katie, we want you to stay. Please stay.” Said Angela and Zoe, almost crying.

And with that they ran over to where Katie was sitting on the settee. They took one arm each and pulled Katie’s arms behind her back. Katie decided that it would be best not to resist. She heard a familiar clicking sound and felt the cold steel surround her wrists.

The children finished handcuffing Katie’s hands and then got off the settee. Angela held Katie’s feet while Zoe got another pair of handcuffs and put them around Katie’s ankles. Then Katie was made to sit on her front lying on the settee. Angela brought Katie’s ankles up to her bottom and a third pair of handcuffs were used to hogtie her using handcuffs.

The whole action took less than thirty seconds. They must really want me to stay if they decided to tie me up to stop me from leaving. Katie thought.

“Okay, girls, you’ve had your fun, now let me out.” Katie requested.

“No.” The girls replied “Not unless you promise to stay! We won’t let you go.”

“Gary, ask the girls to free me, now” Said Katie.


“What?” exclaimed Katie.

“You said it yourself, ‘It’s all up to them’ and it is. You have to convince the girls now.” Gary said. “I’m not getting you out of this.”

Right answer. Thought Katie. He and the kids are now joined on this.

“Okay, Angela and Zoe, I promise to live with your father, instead of going back to the bedsit unless he says otherwise. Is that okay?”

“Thank you Katie. That’s fine.” Said Angela. She handed the keys to her father and the two girls went back to their bedroom.

“So you have control of me again.” Katie said.

“It does give me a certain leverage, doesn’t it. You’ll have to earn your freedom.” Gary replied. He took out a cloth strip and Katie found herself blindfolded. She felt herself being lifted up off the settee and being carried.

So I’m off to the bedroom then, I wonder what price I’ll have to pay for this, as if I don’t already know.

Katie felt herself being put on her front on the bed. Then she heard the bedroom door being closed.

“Okay, after when I’ve finished pleasuring you, I want an orgasm and my freedom.”

She heard a surprised voice from Gary.

“You sound like you’ve just read my mind”. Said Gary.

“You’re a guy. How hard could it be?”

“Okay then, open wide, Katie.”

Katie opened her mouth wide and felt the ring-gag being placed into her mouth. Then the buckle was strapped at the back of her neck.

Katie now waited...

A month had now gone by and it was a Friday night again.

“Katie was keeping an eye on the kids, as they were playing around as usual, when Zoe said:

“It’s been a month now, hasn’t it Katie?”

“Yes, but in a way, it’s been four months since I started living here technically.”

“Have you got a present for daddy?” Angela asked.

“I never thought of that.” Katie answered. “I might have an idea though.”

Katie thought for a moment “How about you turn me into a present for your daddy.”

“Yes!” Zoe said “Then daddy can rescue you. He used to really like rescuing mum when she was turned into a present...”

“Shall we do that then?” Katie asked.

“You need to change I think,” Angela said “How about your red dress? Daddy likes you in that.”

“Okay, but I haven’t worn it since you two girls stripped me of it.” Katie said.

“We’re both sorry about that now, Katie.” Zoe said “We both know now that we got stupid because of a television programme. We are so sorry about what we did to you.”

“Well, I’ll get changed quickly, then call you. We need to be finished before ten o’clock though because you two need to be in bed then.”

“Okay Katie.” With that, the two girls went off to their room to get their stuff.

Katie walked into the bedroom, completely stripped down and put on the outfit that she had worn four months ago.

Next Katie got two items out of a drawer, pressed a few buttons on one item and put it back into the drawer. She put the next item in her panties, pressing against her womanhood.

Katie put her head outside the door.

“Ladies, I’m ready for you.” Katie called.

Angela and Zoe got to the bedroom very quickly. Katie turned her back to the girls and put her hands together behind her back.

Angela expertly tied Katie’s wrists together, palm to palm while Zoe pulled Katie’s elbow to the point where they were touching and tied Katie’s elbows together, firmly.

Angela now took a long piece of rope and wrapped around Katie’s upper body above and below her breasts making then stand out. Next, Angela tied rope around Katie’s waist and wrists, tying her wrists to her waist at the back.

“Could you lie on your front on the bed please, Katie.” Zoe requested. Katie did so, noticing that her upper body was now helpless.

“You’ve done a very good job so far, girls. There’s no way I’m getting out of this.”

The girls giggled.

Zoe took Katie’s legs and placed the ankles at a ninety degree angle. She then lashed Katie’s ankles in such a way that Katie would be unable to close her legs.

“That’s very clever, I won’t even be able to roll over.” Katie commented.

Then Zoe brought Katie’s heels to the point where they were virtually touching her bottom, and then placed Katie in a very strict hogtie.

Angela showed Katie the piece of paper they were going to leave for Gary. It said:

“Katie has been taken prisoner in the bedroom, please go and rescue her!”

“That’s good. Your daddy will have to respond to that, now. I’m sure there’s one last thing though. I can’t quite remember it. It’s right on the tip of my tongue...”

Angela then reached into her bag and brought out a ball-gag.

“This was mum’s special rescue gag. We think you should wear this now.” Angela said.

“Why that’s very kin-mmpphh.” Katie’s thanks were cut short by the ball entering her mouth. Angela buckled the gag straps tightly at the back of Katie’s neck.

“Good luck, Katie. We hope you get rescued soon” and with that, the girls switched the light off and left the room, closing the door behind them.

Two minutes to spare. In two minutes, things will get a little interesting. Gary should be home at half past ten, which should give me plenty of time to enjoy myself.

At ten o’clock the device pressed against Katie’s womanhood started to vibrate. The device was already making Katie aroused, causing her body to gently writhe and her hips twitched a little.

The device had a nice little blood pressure and heart rate monitor. Depending on it’s setting, it would stop vibrating after a certain level was reached, then wait until a lower heartbeat was reached then start again.

I just set this to the one setting, so that it should just keep me mildly aroused for half an hour while waiting for Gary, Thought Katie. I should hit that spot very soon.

Within a few minutes the machine beeped, indicating that it had reached the first setting.

It didn’t stop. Katie felt the arousal inside her grow and she writhed a little more.

That should have stopped for a while. Well, nothing to worry about, maybe it’ll stop in a minute. Katie tried to get as comfortable as she could.

A minute later, the machine beeped again, indicating that it had reached stage two.

It still didn’t stop. By this time Katie was getting highly aroused and very worried. She was starting to really writhe and her hips were twitching more now.

Something’s wrong! It’s not stopping! It must be broken. I must be on a one way trip to orgasmville, now. Well, might as well enjoy the ride.

The machine now beeped as it reached the third level, and then continued working.

At least I’ll get an orgasm out of this very soon, Katie thought. This is driving me wild!

Katie was writhing uncontrollably now, and her hips were twitching like crazy. She was now one step away from orgasm.

Please, just a bit more! I want to climax so badly!

Just short of Katie reaching orgasm, the machine beeped for the fourth stage.

And then it stopped.

No! You can’t do this to me! I need to come!

With an awful thought, Katie realised what she had done.

It’s in reverse order! The one setting is the highest! I might well as have set it to ‘torture mode’.

The machine started up again and took Katie right to the brink of orgasm before switching off again.

Katie screamed, pleaded and begged. She twitched, writhed and squirmed.

Oh God! I’ve got half-an-hour of this! I won’t even last five minutes. Gary is going to come in and find me a complete wreck.

Again the machine switched on, and again Katie suffered the torture of orgasm denial as the device shut down again

Please, please, please! Please let me come! I can’t take this anymore!

Katie knew she had no choice but to suffer her torture and wait for Gary...

It seemed like forever. Katie didn’t even hear the bedroom door being opened, nor notice the light being switched on.

“Katie!” Shouted Gary “Are you okay?”

Katie shook her head furiously. No, no no, I’m not alright! Stop this thing!

Katie watched as Gary opened the drawer and pulled out the device.

“Maximum, hey. You forgot about the reverse order, didn’t you.” He said.

Katie nodded.

Gary put the girls sign in front of Katie. Her eyes widened like saucers as she read what the girls had put. In addition to the “Katie has been taken prisoner in the bedroom, please go and rescue her!” The kids had added a new line.

“Could you ask Katie if she could be our new mum, please.”

OMG! The girls want me to marry Gary! It’s too soon, I’ve only just moved in! Katie squirmed like crazy. I know we seem right for each other, but we should wait for longer!

Gary picked up the remote device. “I was going to wait for longer to ‘pop the question’ as it were. But the girls have forced the issue. It seems though, that I have you in the palm of my hand right now.” Gary showed her the remote control.

Katie screamed through her gag at her pleasurable torment.

“I know It’s blackmail, and it’s unfair of me, but...”

“Will you marry me?”

Katie was stunned, even with her teasing torture.

“Listen, the engagement will be a minimum of one year or for as long as you want. There will be no limit.” Said Gary.

Katie looked up at Gary.

“I shall just wait for you to nod your head now. I can wait all night.” Gary said.

He’s blackmailing me into saying yes! OMG! And I don’t have any choice in the matter!

Katie slowly nodded yes.

“Okay then.” Gary took out a sleeping mask and placed it over Katie’s eyes.

Katie felt herself being turned over so that she was now on her back. She then felt the denial device being removed and her panties being pulled down.

Yes, yes! Please Yes!

She felt Gary’s manhood gently entering her, and then she felt the slow gentle thrusts into her.

Oh God! I need to come! Katie pressed herself against him.

The thrust quickened rapidly, and soon Katie was on the edge...


Katie just lost sense of the world around her. After she came round, Katie noticed that she was now untied.

I must have been out of it for a while. It’s going to be sometime before I use that machine again, though.

There was a knocking on the bedroom door.

“Come in.” Katie said.

The door opened and Katie saw Gary and the girls walk in. They went up to Katie and hugged her.

“Thanks, Katie. You’re the best.” The girls said.

“Okay, we get married when I say so. Agreed?” Katie said.

“Agreed.” Answered Gary and sealed the deal with a kiss.

End of Chapter 7
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Re: Katie The Babysitter: Chapter 7

Postby bondagegirl1995 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:28 am

Just started reading this today. Its very good!

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