2) Tied up for the first time

Mason's early experiences with the ropes, many of them involving his friend Nicky

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2) Tied up for the first time

Postby canuck100 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:28 pm

I cannot remember exactly how old I was when I got tied up for the first time. In the same way that losing their virginity is an unforgettable event for most people, so too, was it a defining event in my life. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old when it happened.

My family and myself were visiting my cousins when I got tied up for the first ever time. It was a typically hot Aussie summers day, around 30C in the shade. It was very hot and sunny, as was usual for that time of year. There was little wind and even the dogs were lying down in the shade, panting for all they were worth.

Just to provide the setting, my cousins lived in a large split-level bungalow style home near the beach. It had a huge backyard with plenty of tall gum trees providing shade and even a large cubby house to play in, except on the very hottest days. Those dog days of February, when even the slightest spark can set the tinder-dry Australian bush ablaze in a devastating bushfire or 'wildfire' so named for the speed which the flames race through the thick bush. The worst recorded fires were Black Friday of 1939 when 72 people died and 'Ash Wednesday' in 1983 when the mercury hit 43.7 Celsius and 69 died. But I digress. One of the unique features of the house was a very spacious basement accessible from the garage by a long, straight staircase. It was also deliciously cool down there too, making it a popular play spot on hot days such as this one.

I have three cousins, two girls, and one guy, all of whom are now happily married. At the time, S and C were aged 9 and 12 years old. At the time, they were both big strong girls for their age, particularly S who was taller and stronger than even I was back then. I had been playing with both of them down in the coolness of the basement, which my uncle used, as a workshop and storeroom for just about absolutely everything. He was one of those fortunate people who are handy with just about everything. We loved playing down there because it was a treasure house of all kinds of interesting odds and ends. Old clothes, camping equipment, books, the usual girlie magazines (like the one I gave you know who) hidden from my aunty (which P and I used to love reading!) and assorted other items of junk were all stored down there.

I cannot, in all honesty, remember the circumstances which led to my being tied up but I think it had something to do with behaving badly enough to really annoy them and there just happened too be some (actually, a lot!) of old rope on hand and a old straight backed wooden chair. How fortunate.

I also do not remember how they got me into the chair in the first place (I think they tricked me into it) but what I do recall all too clearly was the way they managed to tie me up! Isn't that amazing! I can't remember the events leading up to it, but I could remember every detail of that bondage, my first bondage.

In the same way that every man remembers losing his virginity, so too, does every bondage enthusiast remember his or her first real "tie-up" or bondage. Once S and C had gotten me into that chair, they wasted no time mucking around at all. This was for keeps….

It just so happened they were both Girl Guides, which explained their tying skills. Somewhere along the line, they had obviously been practising and it showed.

They bound my hands very tightly together behind me, using that classic tie, the square lashing, and firmly cinched it all up, classic textbook style. Being a Cub Scout myself, I not exactly a slouch in the knots department, so I knew I would not be getting out of this one, even at that early stage. They had also been careful to knot the rope out of reach of my fingers.

They forced me to get up then sit down again, on the chair, with the top slats of the back ending just under my armpits and tied my already bound hands to the back slats (rods of timber in the backrest of a chair) so that I could not wriggle around.

My legs followed next. They tied each leg to the front two legs of the chair, just as tightly as my hands. They also took care to cinch the ropes too. By now, I was truly helpless. It was around this point, I remember seeing all the rope left on the floor and wondering how much of it they planned to use on me.

They continued tying me up, despite my protests, "That's too tight, " "Ow, you're hurting me!" That kind of stuff. Eventually, both S and C got fed up with my screams and yells so they decided to shut me up. Permanently. There was no way those two wanted either set of parents discovering what they were up to before they had finished tying me up.

It was the work of moments for C to find an old, not to mention somewhat pungent gym sock, which had been quietly mouldering away on its lonesome own for some while. They stuffed it, all of it, into my mouth before taping it shut with the duct tape they'd found on my uncle's workbench. Claire showed little mercy - she wound that tape at least five or six times around my head and over my mouth, very effectively silencing me. That sock tasted horrible - that is one memory I will carry with me to my grave…

After gagging me, with my legs also well secured at the ankles, so I could not kick them, they continued on their merry way. They roped my legs, just below the knees, to the legs immediately under the seat of the chair. More ropes were wound around and around my thighs and under the chair seat. S was equally merciless, pulling on the ropes so hard they really dug into my bare skin. (because it was such a hot day, I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt) They tied my torso to the chair in the same way, pulling as hard as before, winding the rope in and around the back slats and my arms between loops, until I was very securely fastened to the chair in a going-nowhere-fast position.

At first I was angry and embarrassed because I had let two "silly" girls overpower me and tie me up like this. Then I remember how much I was enjoying being bound and gagged like this. I had no way of knowing why, only that I liked being tied up. It made me feel good, especially in my nether regions. My groin was on fire. Even at nine years old, the feeling of being tied up was enough to play some very strange tricks on my most private parts. I have not forgotten how worried I was that S and C would notice the bulge between by legs at the thighs. (The way I had been tied left my legs wide open.)

Fair dinks, I could not believe that I had been so tightly tied up by these two girls, not to mention that gag. It was a thoroughly professional job, one any self-respecting burglar or James Bondian villain would have been proud of. For someone who had never previously been tied up, much less still gagged, it was a seminal experience. Of course, there was no way I was going to let those two know how much I was enjoying this! It would have just been too embarrassing for words. Therefore I pretended to be indignant and angry, "Mmmmppphhhhh- ing" very loudly into my gag to try to get their attention. It wasn't long before I discovered the more I "mmmpphhhh'd," the more ostentatiously and studiously they would ignore me, while they played with their dollies or whatever it was they played with at the time.

After an hour or so, C took pity on me and took my gag off. Almost immediately, I had a go at her. "Untie me" were some of the more printable things I said. They left me to stew a little while longer before calling P down stairs. I kept asking when they were going to untie me. I will never forget S and C's response.

Giggling helplessly, they told me that if I wanted to be untied, my uncle or parents would have to untie me because they were not going to. The three of them picked me up while still attached to the chair as firmly as ever and carried me bodily upstairs. I was mortified. I could not believe what was happening! I strained and heaved against the unyielding ropes, really trying to escape for the first time but to no avail. The ropes and knots were tight and cunningly placed out of reach of my fingers. Grunting with the effort of carrying me, they quickly carried me through the hose and outside to the back patio where all the "adults" were.

They deposited me, none too gently before a set of four astonished and goggle-eyed parents. I was SO embarrassed. Yah. It was a seriously embarrassing moment for me. At that point, I wished the earth would swallow me up. Far from being upset with my cousins, they all broke up laughing before they eventually deigned to untie me.

At the time, I do not remember thinking consciously that I just had to do this again only that I had enjoyed being tied up despite the embarrassing finale. Unfortunately, there was to be no repeat match with either of them although I did drop hints suggesting that we play tie-ups again. They did not take the bait, much to my disappointment

However, it was not to be long before I got stuck into playing "tie-up" games with the lovely Nicole. These continued over the next 7 or 8 years before we grew apart as childhood friends sadly sometimes do. I also had quite a few happy bondage adventures with my old Scout troop.


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