My Aunt Laura

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My Aunt Laura

Postby markusthe1st » Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:22 am

My first experience with tying someone up came at the age of eleven. I lived in an old apartment building on the West side with my Mom and Dad, and my sister, who was just two years older than me. We were fortunate to have a lot of family close by, including my cousins and of course their parents.

What family didn't live close by were only an hour away. At the time it seemed like a very long way to travel; but after living in California for the last 10 years - over 3000 miles away, I realize now that an hour was a basic commute. I also realize how lucky I was at the time.

One night my Aunt Laura came over to babysit me - my parents were going out and my sister was sleeping over her friend's house, which left me at loose ends. It turned out that Laura was in a similar situation in that her kids (my three cousins; one girl my age, one a year younger, and one boy three years younger) were all up North with her husband, basically staying overnight because her husband was too drunk to drive after hanging out with his parents for the day. It was a strange time.

After my parents left and she had a couple drinks (I swear, everyone drank back then), we were trying to decide what to do. She wanted to watch some TV show, which at the time, with only 5 channels, and no cable, meant nothing interesting to an eleven year old on a Saturday night.

I wanted to play a game, but she kept pushing the TV. Just about the time I had resigned myself to a boring night, my aunt says, 'I know, why don't you tie me up.'

I remember being surprised, but really excited about the idea. It really just came out of left field. At eleven years old, the last thing I would have thought of was to ask my very pretty aunt to partake in an evening of bondage-play.

And honestly, I didn't know the first thing about HOW to do it. But I did have a lot of frames in my head from TV shows like Speed Racer and Gilligans Island where Trixie, Maryanne, and Ginger were tied up every once in a while. And don't get me started on Mrs. Peel!

I'm sure she knew I was pretty young, and figured that it was a good bet that keeping me busy like this meant that I wouldn't care about what was on TV, or if I did tie her up, she'd be able to get out of it pretty easily.

Her plan (if indeed there was one) worked great in that I forgot all about the TV. My aunt was thin with dark brown hair, and really pretty, especially when she got all dressed up. She reminded me a little of Trixie from Speed Racer, or more realistically a cross between Kate Jackson and Alanis Morrisette.

While I sat there, trying to decide what to do, she said, 'Well, go and get some rope or something if you want to tie me up.'

I remember running around the house just looking for something - anything - to use to tie her up with. The first thing I found was shoelaces, but I knew they wouldn't work good. Then I found a jumprope in my sister's room. I grabbed it and ran back into the livingroom, certain that if I didn't return fast enough, she would change her mind.

Instead, I just found her there watching TV. My aunt sat on the rug with her back against the couch and I tied her ankles together with the jumrope. It was really loose and didn't look anything like I saw on TV. I was actually disappointed. My aunt saw that I was sad, and said, 'It's okay, you can try again if you like.' This worked great for her, because while I fumbled along, she just watched her show in relatively quiet 'comfort'.

So I tried a lot - after about the fifth try, her ankles were tied pretty well, especially since I used the whole jumprope to do so. As I stepped back to look, she surprised me again by putting he hands together in front of her for me to tie.

I told her I had to find some more jumprope, and ran off all hurredly to find some more rope to tie her hands with. I was real excited, and just a little nervous as well. Well, make that really nervous!

What I found was a bunch of polyester belts on my mom's dresses in her closet. My mom was pretty heavy, so the belts were pretty long. It was the early Seventies, so most of them were really colorful as well, like the equivalent of thin silk scarves. I also found some bandannas in my older sister's room, so I grabbed them too.

My aunt was sitting there watching TV, with her ankles still tied the way I had left them. I remember her outfit, because she wore these brown leather boots with her jeans tucked in, which made practicing tying her ankles pretty easy. She had a fairly tight tan sweater on, which was long enough to cover the top of her jeans, and a gold metal belt, made up of interlocking circles, which she wore around her waist.

She didn't even look at the stuff I brought, but put her wrists together in front so I could tie them as soon as I walked up to her.

So I did, but I had learned from tying her ankles and did a pretty good job the first time, using just one of the belts. Well, I thought I did. When I was finished, she struggled for a couple moments and then pulled her hands free. But she couldn't get her feet free, which only made me more determined to try again.
Again she put her wrists in front so I could tie them.

This time I asked her if I could tie her up like Trixie, and she said okay. I'm pretty sure she had no idea of what I was talking about.

So I walked behind her and asked for her hands. She had to scoot forward from the couch, and guzzled the rest of her drink before putting her hands behind her. Once she did, I grabbed one of the belts and tied her hands together. I grabbed about two more polyster belts and did the same thing over again, tying knots every once in a while, just to be sure.

By the time I was finished there was like a wad of cloth tying her wrists together. I probably used like 15 feet of belts to tie her hands with.

She asked if I was done, and when I answered yes, she started struggling - trying to untie her hands. Unlike the last time, though, after a couple moments she stopped trying to get free and told me I did a good job this time. I asked her if I could finish tying her up like Trixie, and she said it was okay, as long as it didn't take too long and that I untied her once I was done.

My guess in hindsight was that her show was almost over and she probably wanted another drink.

I agreed, but let me tell you, I was running on pure nervous adrenaline. I could not believe how much fun I was having tying someone up! I used a blue bandana to gag her, tying first over her mouth detective-style, and when it fell off a couple times, she opened her mouth and I tied it cleave-like. I thought it was cool that she didn't complain at all about the gag, and even helped out by opening her mouth, like she expected it as part of getting tied up.

At this point I was determined to find some real rope, because Trixie always had rope wrapped around her upper body, and I really wanted to make my aunt be tied up, or at least look like she was tied up, like that.

I searched everywhere. Finally I hit paydirt when I happened to look out the kitchen window and see a brand new roll of clothesline sitting outside on the porch, still wrapped in plastic. I ran out the door to grab it, but when I did, my aunt freaked out, screaming really loudly through her gag.

I ran back inside and she was hopping into the kitchen, with her hands still tied behind her.

'Where do yo think you're going?' she screamed, really muffled through the bandanna. The only thing that matters is that I understood her!

'Untie me,' came next.

Hey, I was 11, and a little terrified. I took off the bandanna and told her about the clothesline on the porch. She hopped over, checked it out, and said, 'Oh'.

Unfortunately for me, she decided to call the whole experiment over.

'Help me untie my hands,' she asked. So I did, but not with much luck. It turned out that the polyester stretched out when I tied the knots, and was near impossible to untie. I tried my fingers, a small screwdriver, and even my teeth, without much luck. I got ready to cut them with scissors, but my aunt stopped me.

She had me untie her feet first, which I did really quickly. Next she went over to the sink, and had me turn on the water. Once she backed up to the sink and put her wrists under the cold water, I was able to untie the belts. It took a while, but at least I didn't have to cut them and ruin my mom's outfits.

When it was all done, I told my aunt how much fun I had. She smiled, but had a look on her face like, 'What have I started?' To her credit, she said she had fun too, and was even surprised that my tying talents we so good. I blushed, actually, which is kinda weird, but if you've ever been trusted to tie up that special someone, you know what I mean.

She tucked me in shortly afterward, and I went to bed with visions of Trixie as my damsel-in-distress swimming in my head, and how the night might have been different if I had found that clothesline first. I only fell asleep after imagining my aunt as some kind of Ms. Peel damsel-in-distress, bound and gagged numerous times but always saved in the end.

Man, what a night!
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Re: My Aunt Laura

Postby haloguy » Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:52 am

this is always one of my faves

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Re: My Aunt Laura

Postby chloroformmeplease » Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:36 pm

too bad we only got one post from this person. I would love to see a follow up story where his aunt ties him up.
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Re: My Aunt Laura

Postby viena » Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:52 am

Nice story, I hope there will be a second part where she ties you up!!

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Re: My Aunt Laura

Postby stuew » Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:02 pm

I like Read more of did

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Re: My Aunt Laura

Postby Jason Toddman » Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:02 am

Would love to read any more True Tugs adventures you've had - with you aunt or anyone.
Also love the way you lovingly described a tie-up in your Substitute den mother mother story so much I had to ask to borrow it myself. :-)

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