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The kids leaned over me after I stuggled with the fishing line.'' Resistence is futile '' the brats told me. Unfortunatly for me they were right. Everytime I moved the line just got tighter especially between my legs and around my breasts. ''OK I surrender'' I told my laughing captors. They told me that part of the surrender terms was that Mary and me would let them tie us up any way they want all weekend. Before they let me go they took pictures of me and even put me on video asking me to repeat the terms of my enslavement for the weekend. They had to use scissors to free me and before I could move they had me in leg irons and handcuffs. My wrists and elbows were latched behind my back. The kids put a dog collar around my neck and led me back into the house by a leash.
Mary soon joined me with the only difference was that her hands were cuffed in front of her. The brats made Mary fix a lunch for everyone and the kids started to feed me a sandwich. After everyone was filled up we went downstairs to the basement. There was just about every type of bondage equipment imaginable and some I haven't ever seen before. The kids promised me a escape challenge and soon my arms was tied behind me with rope and some zip ties.
They put a leather armbinder on me and soon had my arms attached to a pulley. My arms was lifted up until I was bent over at a 90 degree angle. Mary reached around me and put a ball gag around my mouth and followed that with a blindfold. While this was going on the kids put a spreader bar between my legs and I was soon helpless.
Mary walked over to where the chains and handcuffs were hanging and freed herself from her bonds. ''Thanks kids for helping me get Lisa tied up''. Mary and her charges got out the video equipment and started taping my struggles.
Both kids had a ping pong paddle and was doing a commendable job beating my ass. Mary smiled at me and said the parents gave her two hundared bucks to set me up so they could play with me tonight. The kids got bored and said they were going over to a friends house. After they left my so called best friend decided to strip my bathing suit off me and tease me with some feathers. '' Just wait the parents will be home soon and we can then play some real bondage and sex games''. batman73552000

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