Tied-up by the hot babysitter

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Tied-up by the hot babysitter

Postby Jackaltin » Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:20 pm

Hey its me again, and I would like to tell the story on how I got into bondage and how it eventually led to bibound.

I was about 13 years old at the time and I lived out in the middle of nowhere. My closest neighbor was about 15 miles away so it was a pretty quiet place. One night my parents were going away for the night and they didn't want to leave me alone. So they called Becky, my old babysitter.

First things first, this girl was unbelievably hot. She was about 16 at the time and happened to be bi, which is how I became bi when she told me about it. She was about 5'2 and about 115 pounds with long brown hair down to her shoulders. That night she wore a little tight white cotton shirt and super-tight jeans which were pretty low so every time she bent over I could see her pink g-string.

After my parents left her and I went into the living room and popped in some movie which I can't recall at this time. But at one point it had a little boy bound and gagged really tight. Before I knew I was bi I was immediatley turned on. I looked over at her and she was chatting on the phone with her boyfriend. After about and hour of waiting hse finished and she noticed i was waiting for her to finish. I mentioned that seeing that little boy tied-up was kinda cool and I asked her if she could tie me up. At first she giggled but she eventually notcied I was serious. So she said ok and we went up to my room. She went out into the garage and brought in some white rope and a roll of duct tape. She told me to lay down and put my hands behind my back. So I did as I was told and she hog-tied me very quickly. As I layed there I immediatley became turned on aand before I thought she was about to gag me she rushed into my parents room. I though she was tealing when she emerged with a pair of my moms panties. It was a black-thong and she quickly stuffed into my mouth and the placed a piece of duct-tape over my mouth. I screamed and struggled for about a half-hour when she returned with her camera and took pictures. She then started to tickle me beyond belief. I actually started to cry from it all and she laughed even more. Eventually I actually peed my pants. After about an hour of torture, the doorbell rang. She rushed down stairs and before I knew it another hot chick showed up.

This girl was even hotter then becky with long blonde hair and wearing a tight mini skirt and a tight black shirt. They then untied me but forced me to undress to my underwear. I didn't think this was going to happen so I wore my tighy-whites. They lauhed hestircally and then re-gagged me with a pair of their own panties. After a about an hour of striggling they started to make-out in front of me and I was turned on even more. They evetually untied me and the one girl left.

I had fun that night, embarssed but it was fun. I never saw Becky after that night though. My next babysitter was actually a 40-year old milf and we had some fun to but that is for a later story.

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Re: Tied-up by the hot babysitter

Postby tigon » Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:39 pm

not to cast doubt...but this seems a bit extensive for a true story

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Re: Tied-up by the hot babysitter

Postby luckydog3 » Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:32 pm

I've read far more extensive stories than this one and haven't seen you question THEM. I can only conclude that you don't mean what you have written. You must then mean something else. Try again.

This story seems more plausible than some others that I have read, so I will just say thanks for writing it, and I hope you share more.

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