Winter Cabin (F/m)

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Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby tritied » Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:33 pm

This is a multi part story I wrote years ago.. Let me know what you think!


It's amazing what you can find on the Internet, Karen thought to herself as she sat on the rather rustic couch, sipping hot cocoa. Outside the wind howled, lonely against the windows after its long journey up the woody hill from the lake. Karen took another sip and snuggled a little more into her blanket.

Beneath the blanket, she took one finger and ran it up her body. She started at her feet, they were strong feet, but still soft. Dancers feet that had never gotten the horrible callouses and bent toes that some dancers got. Her feet were made softer still by the thin, silky stockings around them. She slowly trailed up the stocking, up her firm calves, the stockings ran almost to her knees and from there she traced her young, supple flesh. The skin from the knees upwards was as smooth as her teacher's freshly shaved face on a spring morning. It was fun to touch and Karen explored a little, running on the inside and outside of her thigh as she felt. That was what this trip was all about, doing what she liked. Her finger touched her short skirt.

For instance, on the Internet, if a person has a personal web page, you can learn that he likes to spend a good portion of his winter break near Bear Lake at his personal cabin. You can even find out that he likes to read and write and think, alone, during this break. Very interesting stuff.

The skirt wasn't altogether comfortable, but Ms. Fletcher had grown to love its feel after 3 years at Her Lady of the Warm Heart. The wooly feel was actually perfect, because when she moved down the hall, when she turned a corner, when she sat down and when she bent over, Karen could feel exactly where the skirt was. She knew exactly how high it rode towards her terrific ass, knew perfectly how much teasing thigh it exposed. Sometimes she felt as though it helped her feel exactly where his eyes went when she wasn't looking.

On the Internet, you can find out that not only does he come to his cabin alone, but he is one of many people on the Cabin Helper list. These are people who volunteer to be on call to help with problems in a cabin. Police, tow trucks, repair men, all these types of folks are far from the cabins and many small problems can be handled without professional help. It is a very relaxed and loose organization. If one isn't available or is tied up somewhere else, another will take the call instead.

Outside, there was a small scraping sound across the roof followed by a light crash. Then the sound of footsteps on metal rungs was heard faintly before the wind howled again. Karen smiled, taking a sip of her hot cocoa and looking over at the steaming cup on the small table right next to the front door. She couldn't quite see the door and those in the door couldn't quite see her. There was a rustling of bushes and then a knock at the door.

On the Internet, one can do research on many things, good and bad. For instance one can view statistics of date rape, and see how a growing percentage of those cases involve some type of date rape drug to knock the victim out. The testimonials tell how women were raped by men after being doped by drugs slipped into their drinks, drugs easily purchased in Mexico at a corner store. Mexico. A little over two hours away from home, according to MapQuest.

Karen got up, keeping the blanket around her. She moved away from the door slightly and shouted, "Come on in, I'm just getting something out of the closet."

The door opened and a man walked in, bundled head to toe against the cold. His face was young and handsome, but no teenager. Bright blue eyes were accented by now rosy cheeks and a red nose. He closed the door and stamped a little to shake the cold from his boots. "Whew! It's bitter out there tonight!"

"Go ahead and help yourself to some hot cocoa, I'll be there in a second."

"You got it!" There was silence then a soft sound as he blew on the cocoa to cool it off. Then a sipping sound. A pause, and a much bigger sip. "This is some damn fine cocoa, miss."

The sound of Mr. Smith's voice made Karen's knees weak. He wasn't guarded like usual, at school. There was a pleasing warmth to his voice now, the voice of a man talking to a woman, not a teacher talking to a student. She also almost shrieked, because everything had worked perfectly and now the fun could begin. She dropped the blanket and began to walk towards the door.

"Well, I found some branches up there scraping...", his voice trailed off as he caught sight of her. It was like a dream. She came floating around the corner, her white skin, white stockings, white shirt glowing against the browns of the cabin like a ghost. She seemed almost fuzzy to him.

"Hello Mr. Smith." she smiled. She felt relaxed, calm. For once, she had control of a situation. She had control and she had what she wanted. John said nothing, he just stared and in that stare was exactly what she wanted. Lust, passion, bad thoughts. He blinked and it faded slightly from his eyes as he shook his head a little. He still said nothing.

She walked up and took the cocoa from his hand, lifting it slowly to his lips, which were slightly parted. "Here, have another drink", she said not taking her eyes off his.

He said nothing and had a sip of cocoa.

Putting the cocoa down, she took his hand and led him too the couch, where she turned him slightly and he sat down all on his own. Like a good trained puppy.

He shook his head once and blinked, "Ka- Ms. Fletcher, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here for you," she said simply. She straddled one of his legs, planting one knee squarely on his hand, trapping it, and pushed the other into his groin firmly but not hard. He did not move or resist, just stared into her eyes. She noticed the pupil was growing a bit, pushing away the pretty blue. That was a shame, but the color would be back in a few hours.

Carefully she unzipped his heavy coat, slowly pulled his long scarf off. She laid it across his lap, so it was touching his hands. She reached around to start taking his coat off, while he just sat, breathing with his mouth open. Not very attractive, she thought, but necessary. She pushed her cleavage up against his face and heard him breathe in deeply. Breathing in her perfume, loving the smell, even while drugged, so that he wants to smell more. Breathing in her and her desire for him. Her panties got wet and she shuddered a little, but there was much work to do.

She pulled away and his head lolled a little, but she caught it in her hands and pulled his lips towards hers. They were soft, so soft, just like they looked. The stubble on his lip tickled her a little and she gasped. No high school boy did that to her! She licked them for their flavor. He just tasted like man, with a side of chocolate. They did not move and she pushed his head back. His eyes were closed, his breathing regular.

She stood up and watched as he slumped over to one side, sound asleep. Then she turned and sashayed from the room, trailing the long scarf behind her like a tail.

She spoke softly to herself, "You were right, Mr. Smith, I can do anything I set my mind too."
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby tritied » Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:18 pm

Well, no response, but I'll add the next section to see if anyone likes that..


It was one of those wake ups that lasted a long time, where you hover between awake and asleep. You can never quite tell when the awake moments are longer than the asleep moments, you just know that you become aware of yourself and your surroundings. John slowly became aware of himself, felt himself being lifted from sleep into the alive world. Something didn't seem quite right. A silky sheet slid down his ribs.

His jaw was a little sore and seemed like it was in an odd position. He went to rub it, but couldn't seem to get there for some reason. Must be all wrapped up in the sheets he thought. He felt the sheet slide against his ribs again and heard something faint.

Mr. Smith was only in his twenties and so he still woke up with the common male problem, a morning hard on. Every morning it was the same damn thing, his penis hard and erect, making his whole groin tight and uncomfortable. He had to sit down to pee in the morning, or he would spray the whole bathroom. This morning, the tightness seemed a little more pronounced. He went to reach for himself, give his hard on a little touch, but it just felt tighter and once again he didn't seem to make it. Something silky rubbed down his side and he heard a soft voice, "Waaake up, sleepyhead."

Suddenly he was awake and something was wrong. His mouth was forced open by something big he couldn't spit out and his arms were pinned behind his back. It felt like his elbows were locked together and his wrists were bound together too. It felt like his knees and ankles were also tied together. He was on his stomach and his feet were raised up and behind his back, his ankles and wrists were joined somehow. He tried to squirm to look but two things got in his way. One, when he twisted just the slightest bit, the pressure on his groin became almost painful and he had to hold still. Two, opening his eyes didn't accomplish anything. Nothing changed, no light, no vision. He briefly thought he was blind but then felt the tight band across his face and realized he was blindfolded. He also realized one final thing. He was completely naked.

The thought caused him to jerk, and something wrapped around his waist and groin tighetened painfully. He gasped. Or tried too, the gag in his mouth turned it into a grunt.

Then he heard her voice. "Oooh, I wouldn't try to move too much just yet.. That crotch rope looks painful!" Soft, warm legs touched both his sides and he realized someone was standing over him. "Good morning sleepy head. I'm glad to see you are awake finally. That drug sure was powerful!"

He felt warm, almost hot fingers tickle their way up his arms, across his hands and onto his feet. The woman above him kissed his feet and then his elbows and his shoulders, he could feel her hair tickling his face and ears and suddenly her hot breath was in his ears as she spoke.

"Do you know where you are, Mr. Smith?" Beth asked, nibbling at his ear. He jerked away a little, but she yanked just a little and the crotch rope held him still. "There isn't any point in trying to move away, I have complete control now. Control of what you eat, what you see, the very way you move or stand still. Before long, you will submit to my care and love fully and I will have control of your mind." The voice was soft and hissing, a private insistent tickling whisper in his ear. The message was frightening, but the seductive voice, stroking hands and the silky legs rubbing his flanks was causing an unwanted reaction in his groin. He felt his prostate swell against the restrictive crotch rope. He shifted position a little.

Beth giggled a little and let her hand drop across John's ass, tracing the crotch rope between the cheeks and feeling the telling swell, she tickled his balls a little.

"You didn't answer my question, Mr. Smith. Do you know where you are?"

John tried to think back, to figure it out. He remembered getting a Cabin Helper call last night, driving out to a remote cabin, one of the big ones and working on a roof. The wind howled against the windows and a draft floated across the floor, bringing with it the scent of chocolate. He had gotten the branches off the roof, like the lady on the phone had asked him too and then had come in to tell her. John felt the hair leave his face as the woman over him stood up or something, and then the shift of weight that told him she was leaning back over.

"Here, maybe this will help you remember", she said and some thing was moved near his face. He took a deep breath and smelled not just chocolate, but hot cocoa. And then he remembered. He saw her again, floating like a ghost, or a nightmare, right from his dreams into the room. Just like he used to see her everyday, in school. And then he remembered nothing.

There was a gentle pressure on the crotch rope, "Answer me Mr. Smith. Do you know where you are?" He tried to grunt a yes. As soon as the sound started in his throat, the pressure lost its gentleness.

"I didn't say you could speak!", Beth said sternly. "There are hundreds of ways to communicate, Mr. Smith. Surely you know more than just speaking. A common way to communicate a yes or no is by shaking the head. So, I ask you again, do you know where you are?"

He nodded yes and the pressure lessened. Then it tightened suddenly.

"What?! How could you know where you are? Are you in a bedroom? A living room? Are you in a closet? A kitchen? You don't even know if you're in the place you last remember! Do you think I'm a fool, do you think I'm stupid? Don't lie to me or I'll leave you like this!" Beth's voice was harsh, but still soft in his ear and her fresh breath mingled with her perfume and smelled wonderful to John. He lie still and tried to understand why he had such thoughts right now.

"Now, you are in the cabin you last remember. You are in the living room, lying on a rug. You are buck naked and hog tied. Do you know who the only person that can change that is?", she asked sweetly. He nodded yes.

"Really? Is it me?", sugary innocence. He nodded yes.

The pressure tightened again and he jerked a little, just making worse.

"No, silly! It's you. Your attitude and behavior will determine your future. If you listen and learn, you will be given rewards.

"Rewards like this." He heard a small sound and he was able to lower his feet to the ground.

"Now, do you know who I am?" He nodded yes. Before he finished the nod, she had pulled his feet back up and locked them in place again.

"You know, for a teacher, you are really a slow learner. You are making gross assumptions again! You think I am the last person you saw. But you don't know that for sure. I could be anyone. You are lying to me again! I told you what would happen if you lied to me!"

The hands left him suddenly, he realized that he had gotten used to them. The hair left his cheek, taking warmth with it. The legs disappeared and he heard the rapid clicking of high heels across the floor. The door opened and slammed shut, blowing cold breeze against his body. He realized he had been sweating.

Then there was nothing. Just the occasional sound of the wind and a creaking branch.
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby Joe » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:01 pm

Great story! Please continue?

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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby tritied » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:31 am

Yay! A Fan!


Understandably, John didn't move much at first. He was thoroughly confused. Not to mention hogtied. He still wasn't entirely certain how he went from cleaning branches off a roof to being bound, gagged and blindfolded naked on the floor. He was trying to think it through but was distracted by two things. One, his erection wasn't subsiding very fast. Well, that wasn't too surprising actually. He had been surfing to bondage, discipline and S&M sites for a few years. It intrigued him, the thought of being completely helpless. Apparently it did more than just intrigue, it turned him on. Also, the memories of Beth's (he was pretty sure it was her) touch, scent, kiss and voice kept intruding on his thoughts. Oh, he had day dreamed and wet dreamed about her to be sure. Those fabulous legs leading to that fabulous ass. The playful glint in her eye when she tossed her hair in his direction. But it had been that way since he was a teacher's aid, always some girl flirting with him. He wasn't stupid, he had kept his steely resolve and they had graduated.

Beth had been in his class a year ago, but then June had rolled around and she went on to her senior year. He hadn't forgotten her though, and saw her from time to time in the hall over the fall. She never seemed to notice him, so he had just watched and appreciated from a distance. He never had any intention of being with Beth either, but he seemed to have underestimated her.

So, he tried to put the pieces together. He knew she was smart, she just held back in class and had other priorities. So, she had some how figured out where he spent his winter vacations, knew how to get a hold of him and then.. And then, she had obviously surfed some bondage sites as well. The wraps around his elbows and wrists were firm, but not tight enough to cut off circulation. The ball gag was expertly used, he could breathe through his mouth if he had to, but couldn't say a thing, not that it mattered with the nearest neighbor over half a mile away. And the crotch rope, dear god the crotch rope! That thing was all the way up his ass, applying direct pressure to his prostate, a very pleasing pressure he must admit. It was linked to his wrists somehow, so if he moved it yanked on the rope, pushing the pressure from pleasing to just the okay side of pain. He had never been tied up before, but this was a masterful job.

How had she gotten him here? He would never willingly submit to this, would he? Had he gotten drunk? Then he remembered, she had mentioned something about drugs. Hadn't he just warned the class about the new date rape drugs a few weeks ago, so they would stay alert during their holiday parties. She had drugged him! Slipped him a mickey!

It was a little flattering, he thought. That is a lot of effort to go through to get your hands on someone. But flattering aside, this was not good. She was a student, and probably not legal! He would lose his teaching license and get sent to jail if this got out. Somehow he had to reason with her and set this straight. This just could not happen.

After all the trouble she had gone through, she would be back. He just had to wait. So he started to wait.

Well, when you are tied up with nothing to do, nothing to see and nothing to hear, your mind starts to wander a bit. You begin to remember that the house you are in isn't due for cleaning until April, at the start of the summer season. It was currently January. You think about the fact that a girl who would do this might not be 100% rational. But those kinds of thoughts are very dangerous when you are naked, expertly hog tied and on the floor of a cabin a half mile from neighbors who fully respect privacy. So you clear your mind until you drift off. Yes, tied up and gagged, the human body can still sleep.

John drifted in and out of sleep for some unknown time. Blindfolded, there was no daylight, only darkness. The lake borne wind continued to blow against the window, but it would do that almost all winter long. Sometimes he would wake up and try to move before he remembered what had happened, sometimes he would be a little cold, sometimes a little warm. Finally he woke up and was extremely uncomfortable.

His boner had subsided, but the blue balls hurt a bit. His limbs were stiff and fairly unresponsive and his jaw felt like hell. Having your mouth open for.. Well however long, it was too long and his jaw muscles ached. He was dreadfully thirsty and hungry. It was time to do something about this.

He began feeling around with his fingers. He felt cold metal rings and a satiny material. With a little effort, he pushed his hands and feet closer together and felt some sort of metal thing between his wrists and ankles. A little more exploration revealed it to be a closing clasp of some sort and he got excited. Pawing and groping at it, he contorted his hands around in every direction to grab the clasp. He pushed with his thumbs, his little fingers, all his fingers, he twisted and twisted, ignoring the pain of the crotch rope as it tightened and pulled. Eventually he fell over sideways, so that he was laying on his side. It changed the direction things were pulling on him, but didn't relieve any pressure.

He lay still for a moment, trying to see if he learned anything new. But all his body still touched carpet and felt very exposed now, his penis just hanging out in the air. In this new position he began feeling around the clasp again, discovering a new angle to approach it. Suddenly his fingers came upon three small dials. The clasp was locking, like a luggage lock, but much stronger. He collapsed a bit and made a little whimper sound. It was meant to be a frustrated cough, but it came out like a little whimper. The sound scared him.

He needed to see. If he couldn't see, he couldn't find anything to help him out. So, he decided to start moving some, try and find something to push his face against and pull the blindfold off. He started wiggling his way around. First his legs, then his shoulders, over and over again. He hadn't eaten in a long time it felt like, so he was a little weak. A couple of times he woke up without remembering sleeping. As soon as he did, he would start to wiggle his way again until finally his leg hit something firm.

He slowly swung his head around until it was pushing on it. It was like a firm cushion, maybe part of a couch. He began to lever himself up with his chin, scooting the rest of his body in as best as possible. Eventually he was resting on his shoulder, slightly propped up. He kept pushing his face against the cushion, trying to slip the blindfold off. But it was very tight and very smooth, like the satiny stuff that held his wrists and it wouldn't go anywhere. He pushed very hard and then felt the cushion slip away and fell on his side on the ground.

Immediately frustration and a feeling of helplessness rose up in him and took hold. He was fucked, she had done an amazing job tying him up and he couldn't get free. That cushion had probably only been a few feet away and god knows how long it took him to get there! Suddenly, his body started to itch, just little itches magnified by his inability to get to them. He lost it a little just then, writhing and thrashing against the ropes and bindings, but it just made his groin hurt. But still he thrashed and twisted, every move making him feel more and more helpless because it accomplished nothing but wasting energy. He wimpered a little, and felt a tear leave his eye.

This wasn't right! He hadn't done anything wrong, yet here he was helpless and hopeless. He began to shake, he wasn't sure if it was from fear or anger. Suddenly a very warm hand touched his side and he fell still.

"There, there Mr. Smith. You didn't think I left you did you? You need to trust me, know I don't want to hurt you. Shh.. Shh.. It's okay." Beth laid down on the carpet facing John. She cushioned his head with one arm and threw a leg over him, slowly stroking his face and side with one hand. She smiled at his unseeing eyes and kissed him gently around the lips and face until she felt him relaxing.

John felt the warmth from her body and was unbeleivably happy she was there. Had she been watching the whole time? Amused? Testing? He didn't care, the stroke of her hand soothed him and the tender kisses on his face restored hope. She wasn't gone, he could get free and reason with her, he just needed to think and listen.

As he relaxed and began to feel the details of her body, he became aroused. Mainly he could feel her legs, she had stockings on. Silky, delicious stockings and occasionally he felt a strap or some skin against his leg and knew they were held up with a garter belt. That turned him on, he loved stockings and legs! Nothing was more physically attractive to him. He surfed the web and watched movies just for women wearing this type of clothing. And now here was a woman he knew had fabulous legs and she was wearing stockings for him. He was overcome with a desire to see and feel them and he jerked a little as he tried. Beth giggled and pushed herself closer to him and now he felt her inner heat, through some thin panties, pushing against his penis. His erection hardened instantly, it felt like it would explode on its own.

But, she pulled away. "You like what you feel, don't you?" He nodded yes. "You want to see it don't you?" He nodded yes. She stroked his hair and began to whisper, "I'll show you, but first I need to see what you learned."

"Do you understand that there is no way for you to get free right now, without me?"


"Do you know how to get me to help you?"


"Tell me, in your own words." She reached behind his head and undid the ball gag. She didn't pull it out though, and he just held still, not daring to do anything for fear she might put it tighten it again. She laughed, a playful laugh, the happiest sound he had heard for a long time.

"Very good," she said, "you've got it right. Even if you think you can do something, don't do it before I tell you. By just waiting for me, even though it hurts your mouth, you told me exactly what I wanted to hear. You can only get free by doing exactly what I say, no more and no less."

He began to smile, but it began to fade as she tightened the ball gag again. "I'm sorry Mr. Smith. You passed your test, but I'm haven't explained myself to you yet, so you need to stay quiet for a while longer. But here is a reward for you."

She pushed herself forward again, and he felt her whole body pressing against his. Her breasts weren't bare, but he felt them encased in something lacy. Her groin rubbed against his, making his penis grow again, hard and strong. Her leg rubbed his leg and the silky feeling was wonderful. He felt like his was going to explode again and didn't want her to stop. But she did and pulled away.

"Don't bother denying it, I can tell by your breathing and.. other.. physical reactions you liked your reward. Did you like your reward Mr. Smith?"


"I thought so. I have another reward for you, but you must get to your knees first! Go on, I'll wait." She rolled away from him and stood up, she sat in the chair he had been trying to use and watched.

It didn't take him long really, he curled up as best he could and rolled onto his knees, then straightened.

"Excellent work, Mr. Smith." She stood up and walked behind him, trailing a hand across his shoulders and back. She undid the blindfold and took it off. "Open your eyes, Mr. Smith"

He opened them and blinked, once or twice. He was in the cabin, in the living room, just like she said. He was maybe ten feet from the couch and a few feet from a chair, probably what he had used to try and get the blindfold off. It was night outside and the room was dimly lit by candles placed all around. He couldn't see Beth though, she was still behind him. His back was resting against her legs and her hands were stroking his cheeks. He loved the way she touched him, he was glad she was doing it. But, he knew she must stop before it was too late.

She began to move around him and he watched, enthralled. She looked gorgeous, the best looking woman he had ever seen. She had on black, patent leather high heels with very shiny black stockings that went mostly up her thigh. From there, black straps led to a black garter belt. It looked amazing. She had on black panties that were only held on by a tie together front and back. Her upper body, her succulent breasts, were in some sort of boostier. She began a slow spin and he saw that the panties were a thong, her ass was right there but he couldn't touch it. Black lines ran up the back of her legs drawing his eyes along. He had never been so close to a woman dressed like this, and he loved it. He ached to touch her but knew he should not and would not.

She stopped spinning and his eyes drifted up. There were her playful, lively eyes, the eyes that had haunted him in his dreams sometimes. She smiled and from behind her back brought a small camera.

"Smile, Mr. Smith."

Before he could do anything, the camera flashed and he knew he was in serious trouble now.
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby Cantieup » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:00 am

Enjoying this very much. Looking forward to the rest of it. You are a very good writer.

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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby tritied » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:37 pm

Two Fans!


The camera flash hurt his eyes, but what it meant hurt his head even more. John was angry now, and knew his eyes were showing it.

Beth, fiddled with the back of the camera and stepped next to John, her legs touching him, one hand resting on his shoulder. The pleasure of it was confusing, strange with the anger he felt and the helplessness he was experiencing.

"What a pretty picture," Beth said and now he could see himself on the viewscreen on the camera. His blue eyes bright and clear over a red ball in his mouth. Black leather straps led around his mouth behind his head. He could see the crotch rope and the ropes on his knees in the picture. Also, his slowly relaxing penis, a little sparkle at the tip were some cum was leaking out.

"I have something to show you, Mr. Smith", she stepped away for a minute and returned with a laptop, which she propped up on the chair in front of him. "Enjoy", she said, hitting a key before she walked away.

On the screen a slide show started. It showed picture after picture of John with Beth. She was wearing her uniform and undressing him, or kissing him, or laying on him, or under. She was playing with his penis, had pushed her tits into his mouth. Picture after picture clearly showing Mr. Michael Smith, teacher, with Ms. Beth Fletcher, student, engaging in sexual acts. It was the end of his job and career. He would have to move, to hide, to change his name. He would have to do whatever was necessary to prevent those pictures from going out.

Beth came back and sat down, placing the laptop on her lap. "One more thing to show you, and then I will tell you why I did this." She hit some keys on the computer and the screen showed an email account, the "Sent Messages" box. There was a message highlighted, it said, "Allison, if you get this, send these pictures to the school paper and the principal. Then start looking for me!", a large numbers of pictures were attached and the email was addressed to another student John had met, Ms. Allison Reynolds. John slumped a little. It was all over.

"Now, Mr. Smith, before you get too upset, you should know that Allison is out of town and doesn't know her own password. She can only check email from her home computer. She will get this email in approximately ten days." Beth paused, stroked John's face.

"Unless I log into the account and remove the email ahead of time. Which I will do, assuming this all goes as planned. All you have to do is do whatever I say, whenever I say it and trust me completely." She grabbed his chin, "Do you understand?"


She looked into his eyes for a moment, then nodded, satisfied that she had him.

"Okay, the only thing you need to know right now is that it is okay to touch me, to please me, to love me, if you wish. We'll go over that tomorrow in class. Tonight, however, you are going to explore my body, get to know and appreciate it, whether you want to or not.

"I'm doing this for your own good, for our own good, and you'll soon understand that I only want to care for you and treat you well. Anytime I treat you badly, it is your own fault. Understand?"

He hesitated but finally nodded.

"Hmmm.. Well, I didn't expect you to buy it tonight." Suddenly John smelt pizza cooking and he realized he was extremely hungry and thirsty. Beth smiled.

"I do expect you to buy dinner tonight though. First lets remove that ball gag, but you keep your mouth shut!" She flicked his nose lightly, reached behind his head and undid the ball gag. She pulled it out and John worked his jaw up and down. It worked but it hurt.

"Are you thirsty?" He nodded yes. She pulled a jug of water with a small plastic tube attached from behind the chair. She leaned in very close to his face and put the tube right on her lips.

"Well, come take a drink."

Jesus she is clever he thought, I have to kiss her to drink water! But he wanted the water so leaned in the rest of the way and tried to pull the tube with his lips, brushing her lips ever so slightly. But, she held it in place and he realized the only way to have water was to kiss her to make a seal and suck. So he pushed his lips on hers and began to drink.

The water tasted wonderful, and it soothed his mouth and throat, he felt the water run all the way down to his stomach. He sucked harder, pushed harder against her lips. They were soft and sweet, her lips, they tasted like plums or apricots or something. He flicked the tube with his tongue to move it a bit and got some of her lips as well. They were fabulous, luscious. Her tongue flicked back and the two met and touched in the cool water. He kept on drinking, but lost track of if he was sucking on her tongue or the tube. Then all he felt was her tongue, cramming into his mouth, pushing his out of the way. It was strangely clumsy, and young. Suddenly he remembered what was happening and backed away.

Her hazel eyes were inches from his, her breath sweet on his face. He almost felt like kissing her again, but resisted. She backed up and smiled, "Class tomorrow will be fun."

"Okay, I said you would have to buy dinner, but unless you have money crammed up your ass, you need to earn some cash," as she talked, she stood up walked across the room and brought back a plastic bag. "I am going to stick money, change really, to my body with chocolate syrup."

She pulled a quarter and a Hershey's squeeze bottle out of the bag, put a dollop of chocolate on the quarter and stuck it to the inside of her forearm. She held it to his mouth, "You will remove the change with your mouth." She motioned with her forearm and John leaned in and picked the coin off with his teeth, trying to avoid her skin as much as possible.

"Spit it in this bucket," she pulled a little plastic bucket from the bag and held it out. John spat.

"And lick the chocolate sauce off." She smiled, arm out. John hesitated and licked the sauce off her smooth skin. "Excellent work, only $7.75 left to go. Gimme a minute."

She grabbed the bag and bucket and moved out of his view. He heard her rustling around and giggling and then her voice, "Okay, turn towards me now."

With effort he swung around, when he looked up he almost laughed. She had taken her top off and had stuck dimes, nickels and pennies all over her torso, face, tits, stomach. Everywhere. This was going to take a while, and he will have licked her about everywhere, from the waist up.

"Well, get to work!" And so he did, straining and struggling against his ropes to reach the change. He got good at pulling the coin and licking her clean with a single swipe quickly. At first he avoided areas he would have rather not licked, but he realized he would need to eventually anyway, so he licked and sucked her nipples and breasts and belly button and nose. Before too long, her hand went to her panties, into her panties. While he licked and sucked and spat, she started to writhe and twist, sweat appearing on her skin. Suddenly she bucked, her butt and back leaving the couch. The force of it threw him off balance and he fell sideways onto the floor.

Beth kept thrashing and she started to moan, rythmic and loud until she had a final spasm and then collapsed on the couch, panting. Eventually she rolled over and saw him on the floor, watching her.

"Wow," she said, "that is way more amazing when someone is touching your skin like that. You have definitely earned your dinner." She got up and brought some pizza back, pausing to admire John's back muscles and arm muscles against the ropes. She checked the knots, still holding, she was very proud of herself.

She helped him back to his knees, sat in front of him and fed him, piece by piece. He ate nine full pieces before he shook his head. Beth put the piece down.

"Well, someone was hungry, weren't they? You can answer me verbally."

"Yes." He said, and his voice was froggy and rough. He cleared his throat and waited.

"Do you want some more water?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, please"

He was expecting to have to kiss her lips again this time, and it quickly became obvious he would have to, just not the same ones. She pulled the bowties holding her panties together and they came apart easily. John felt himself get hard, rapidly.

Her pubic area was completely clean shaven and smooth. The pink folds of her skin glistened with moistness. It looked as soft and as beautiful as every part of her amazing body. She scooted forward a bit, spread the folds with one hand and placed the plastic tube right against her already swollen clitoris with the other. She lifted her legs up and placed them on either side of his head, pushing on his shoulders with her heels, pulling him in towards her.

John was so aroused he didn't know what to do, her legs brushed his cheeks and as he came closer he felt her soft skin and a garter strap. He went in for the tube, but even he wasn't sure if that was what he really wanted.

Beth felt his lips close on the tube and her clitoris and she shuddered. She had been waiting for a very long time to have a man's lips and tongue on her and it was as wonderful as she hoped. She felt him drinking and moved the tube down some, he followed it, delving into her with his lips and tongue, trying to get it. Constantly, she moved it up and down so he had to keep working for it. He worked around her clitoris, down near her vagina, where ever she moved the water. Waves of ecstacy swept through her as the sensations shifted directions, circled around and over, went sideways, always different but then it became constant. He lapped at her, lapped her flavor, lapped at her clitoris, over and over. She realized she had dropped the tube and was holding onto his hair with both hands, but he didn't stop lapping and kissing and sucking her velvety soft lips and clitoris. She ground herself against his face, enjoying how slippery everything felt down there. His tongue pushed into her vagina, raising her sensation to a new level. Then it went back to her clit again, tapping at it, circling it. The warmth in her grew from her belly, swept over her skin and face and she leaned back and began a high pitched moan or quiet scream of pleasure. This time she didn't thrash, she became very still and just felt the pressure and energy build and build until it burst out of her in bright starbursts, causing her to grab the couch, his hair, anything as she moaned and shuddered. In a fit, she pulled one leg back, put her foot on his shoulder and kicked him away. She lay still momentarily and then looked down at him where he had fallen.

She tried to talk, but the first words caught in her throat, so she coughed and tried again, "That was terrific, Mr. Smith. Amazing." She considered him for a moment, "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes," he said, guiltily.

"You still feel like you shouldn't be doing this. Well, we'll go over that in class tomorrow. Here is your reward for a job very well done." She undid the ropes that held his ankles and the crotch rope to his wrists. Then she pulled a pillow off the couch, put it under his head and a blanket on top of him. "Good night, Mr. Smith."

She walked out and turned the light off, leaving him bound on the carpet. But his comfort level increased so much with his feet free from his wrists and the pressure from the crotch rope loosened, that he was actually grateful and fell asleep almost immediately.
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby milagros317 » Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:40 pm

Wonderful story! :D
I look forward to seeing more of it.
I love bondage, tickling, and women's bare feet. :D

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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby tritied » Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:26 pm

Here it comes.. We are about 75% of the way there..


He was awake before she came out. It was his bladder that woke him up, he had to pee. Badly. But what was he supposed to do? Piss on the carpet? He thought about rolling over to the hardwood and pissing there since it would be easier to clean, but then he realized he didn't have permission to piss. He couldn't risk her letting those pictures out. They would make her famous, but himself infamous. So he would wait for permission, wait for whatever she wanted.

Eventually she came out from the back of the cabin, wearing a terry cloth bathrobe. She looked fabulous, her cheeks were flushed, her eyes clear and her silky hair was down, laying about her shoulders. Her sleek white calves poked out from beneath the robe. She walked right up to him.

"Kiss my feet," she said,flirtatiously.

Before he even thought about it, he kissed her feet, feeling their warmth. Her skin always felt so damn warm and tempting, he thought.

She pulled the blanket off of him and started untying his feet and knees. As soon as she was done she stepped away.

"Allright, flex them, spread them, move them around. Make sure they still work." After he did that for a while she helped him up and walked him a little bit until she was certain he felt steady. She sat down and considered him while he walked a little more, and did some knee bends. His arms were still tied behind his back, so he could only do a little, but damn it felt good.

"How are you this morning?" she asked.

"I have to use the restroom." he said, sheepishly.

She stood up, "Okay, follow me." She led him to the restroom, lifted the lid, grabbed and aimed his penis and said, "Go ahead"

He was very uncomfortable. This was a very private thing to him, using the restroom. He didn't want to do this in front of her.

She shook his penis a little, "What's the matter, a little stage fright? I've never seen a man pee before, this seems like a good time. Go on, I want you to."

Arguing was useless, he thought, and might get him completely hogtied again, with that gag. He was still extremely helpless, and she had the pictures, so what the hell. He began to urinate, a little trickle at first and then a long, strong stream. It went for about thirty seconds and finally stopped. He felt great afterwards.

Beth shook it a bit, shaking the last drops off. She had been fascinated by the whole thing, and was tickled pink he hadn't tried to complain at all. Slowly, she was gaining control of him. Perfect for the day's plans.

"Alright, Mr. Smith, into the shower. It is time to get ready for school." She opened the door for him and he walked into the large, tiled shower. It had several shower heads, one of them with a massager attached. She turned him around and undid his elbows and wrists. She stood back for a minute.

"Give them a good stretch too." She watched the muscles on his chest and shoulder as he flexed them and swung his arms around. "That's enough, sit down."

He sat down on a little tile bench built into the wall. Beth came up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. Running her hands down the arms to the wrists, she grabbed the wrists, lifted them over his head and handcuffed him to a towel ring hanging from the wall. Satisfied with what she saw, she turned, removed her robe and started the shower up.

For fifteen minutes she cleaned herself, soaping her body slowly, washing her hair a couple of times, cleaning her crotch. He watched it all in amazement. He couldn't take his eyes off if he wanted to. She was a tremendously sexy woman and he wanted her. She glanced over at him and saw his hard on, but she didn't touch it. A couple of times she sat on his lap and washed her feet or legs, squishing his penis around.

Beth enjoyed herself immensely. She knew he was loving the exhibition and wanted her, it was obvious. His eyes were everywhere, following her poofy sponge, the soap running down her skin, watching the drips off her perky tits. This had all been turning out way more fun than she had even hoped, he was listening to her and seemed to want another order from her. He was taking her seriously and that made her feel very confident. She saw his raging boner and wanted to do something for him, but it wasn't time yet and she wasn't a hundred percent sure what to do, so she plopped her soapy ass on his lap and wiggled around a bit. He tried to be very quiet, but she heard his gasps and little moan. Eventually she stopped, all clean, turned and smiled at him.

"Okay, Mr. Smith, your turn." She soaked him with the massager, rinsing his hair off, slicking it back. Her delicious tits dangled in front of him, but he stayed still. He knew she was lovely, and of course she turned him on. It didn't change the fact that this was illegal and immoral. She conditioned and shampooed his hair, scrubbed him with her fragrant soap and poof. Then she put shaving cream on his face and carefully shaved him. He sat stock still the entire time, she had a razor to him now. When she finished with his face she leaned back and rubbed her fingers and palm on his cheek. He could tell it felt very smooth.

"Mr. Smith, today you are going to experience class the same way I do. I think you'll learn more that way. So you will get ready the same way I do." Beth sat down next to him and pulled a leg onto her lap, stroking it. "I don't have to shave my legs everyday, but if they looked like this, I would definitely shave them."

That caused him to jerk against the cuffs and he opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it after seeing her stern look.

"You need to stay still while I do this", she said. With that she began putting shaving creme on his leg, all the way at the very top. She put a little on, got her razor and took a stroke through the creme. It came out choked with hair but revealed a small patch of smooth skin. Beth looked over at John as she stroked the small patch. "Hmmm.. Nice." John looked fascinated by it. Bit by bit she applied creme to his hairy legs and shaved them, all the way down to the hairs on his toes. Before long his legs looked long and smooth, he could see the muscles under the skin. They didn't look like women's legs. They looked like a movie stars legs, they were muscular but smooth men's legs. It wasn't altogether terrible.

Beth watched him and smiled, "See Mr. Smith, I knew you would like it. You need to trust me, I know what you like! For instance, I know you like my smooth, shaved pussy. I felt that last night. I bet it would feel good to have two smoothed, shaved crotches rub against each other. What do you think?" But as she talked she applied shaving cream to his genitals, and he knew it didn't matter what he thought. Carefully she shaved his pubic area until it was as smooth and clean as hers. Finally she gave him one last rinsing and turned the shower off. When she turned around, she saw that he was checking himself out, examining his body. She grabbed his chin and pulled it up.

"This is why women take care of ourselves like this, Mr. Smith. It makes us feel sexy. Don't you feel sexy, Mr. Smith?"

"Yes." he said

She smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "I hope you are starting to realize that I keep you tied up so that I can free your mind. If I didn't limit your actions, you wouldn't let me do these things to you and then you would still be stuck in the same world you already know."

She reached up and began to unlock his wrists, "Now however, we graduate to times of freedom. But before you get any ideas, you must know that you still have much to learn and I still have the pictures. Get up and dry yourself."

After he was toweled off, he stood there, naked. He knew very well she still had the pictures, but something else was keeping him still as well. Despite himself, he wanted to see what she had in store next. He wanted to feel her smooth skin against his smooth skin and was prepared to wait for it. He wouldn't be able to say no anyway, so he might as well enjoy it, he rationalized to himself.

"Go into the bedroom and get dressed for school, I'll wait for you." She put the terry cloth robe back on as he walked out. For a few minutes she didn't hear anything, but then some rustling told her he was getting ready. About ten minutes later he came out, blushing red and looking down.

She looked him up and down. He was properly dressed for school. He had on a white shirt over a red, plaid, wool skirt. On his legs he had stockings, just like hers, thin, sheer and smooth up to his knees. He didn't have any shoes on, Beth hadn't known his shoe size. He wouldn't look up. Beth thought he looked like a doll and enjoyed looking him up and down as he stood there, sheepish. Now she learned something. Those skirts really are teasers, it covered him just to his middle thigh and she wanted to see more. The patch of smooth skin between the skirt and stockings was very alluring when you're attracted to the person you were looking at. No wonder the teachers couldn't keep their eyes off. Beth felt some pity for them now, just a little.

"Very well done Mr. Smith," Beth reached over and pulled the skirt up, yep, he had put the panties on and everything. "Now you have gotten ready for school just like I do. Don't be embarrased, be intrigued. I did this to teach you something. Now go to the study, sit down in the chair, tie your legs to the chair legs, and handcuff yourself to the chair." She handed him some rope and some handcuffs. He took them and looked at her, confused for a moment.

"You heard me, go and tie yourself up! I don't have time to do everything, I need to get ready for school too. And since you hesitated, gag yourself first. Go on, get moving!" She brushed past him and went into the bedroom, slamming the door.

John walked to the study, hopelessly confused by his arousal. He was wearing a school girl's outfit, told to go tie himself up and was turned on. As he walked, he felt the skirt around his legs, he had to shorten his stride to prevent from being caught short by the wooly fabric. Cool air circulated up the skirt, refreshing his freshly shaved skin. The air that came through the stockings felt odd, but interesting.

The chair was a student desk, just like from the school. John sat down and began to tie his legs to the chair as instructed. Doing so, he felt the silky smoothness of his own stockinged legs and wanted to touch them a little more, but was afraid she would come out soon. So he finished with his legs, now tightly secured to the chair, strapped the ball gag in, cuffed one hand, reached around his back and cuffed the other. There, in less than a minute, he had completely incapacitated himself, mostly of his own free will. Sure she had the pictures but he hadn't even tried to resist. He went and tied himself up, dressed like a school girl and he had been happy to do so. What was going on?

Beth breezed in a little while after he had finished, dressed in pants, shirt and tie. She had glasses on and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw John, all tied up, looking even funnier now with the bright red ball gag in his mouth. She ignored him as she had planned and began placing papers on a table across the room from John. Then she went out, grabbed a book and came back in. She sat down at the desk in the room and began to read, ignoring him. The whole time she sat and pretended to read, she felt his eyes on her.

John sat, a little astounded she was just going to read in front of him. Surely this whole set up was for more than that. He noticed she tried to ignore him. Yeah right, like she could ignore him right now. Who was she fooling? There was a clock on the wall and he could watch the time pass. At about the half hour mark he rolled his eyes and slumped a little.

Perfect, she thought and snapped her book shut. "Oh, Mr. Smith, I didn't see you there. Well, I guess we will begin." She got up and undid the handcuffs and leg ties.

"Over on that table are many sheets of paper, each with a sentence on it. You will take one sheet of paper at a time back to your desk and copy that sentence 100 times, then you will put the finished sheet on my desk and get another. You will do this until all the sheets are filled. Pencils are in the box on the floor in the corner." Beth sat down, "You may begin."

John sat for a second, got up, got a sheet of paper and went back to his desk. But, he didn't have a pencil, so he went over to the box, bent over and picked one up. As he did so he felt the skirt ride up his ass and he quickly grabbed the pencil and turned. Beth looked down the exact second he turned, but he saw the movement and knew she had been looking. He sat down at his desk and began to read.

Beth interrupted, "Tsk, tsk, Mr. Smith, that is no way for a proper lady to sit. Keep those knees together! Cross those legs!"

He tried to cross his legs without flashing the world but found it was quite difficult. Finally he managed and sat with his legs tightly crossed. His two stockinged calves slid against each other, it felt good. He felt the fabric on the skirt ride way up his thigh and felt exposed. He glanced up and caught Beth looking away again. He read the sheet. It was the definition of submission. He was supposed to write the definition of submission 100 times. Well, whatever. Whatever made her happy.

And so it went for the entire day, he would get up drop a piece of paper on her desk and go get another. Writing and writing and writing. Sometimes it was defintions, sometimes it was erotic sentences from books, sometimes lists of body parts like "leg, ass, feet, thigh, calves, heel, knees". He stopped caring after a while. What he did notice, all the time, was whenever she thought he wasn't looking, Beth stole a peek at him. Either his legs, his face, his arms, whatever. He began to feel her eyes on him. He knew every time the skirt rode up, her eyes followed. He began pushing it up a little bit more, to tease her. See how she liked it! Her desire for him was obvious. If he was in a bar he would have bought her a drink and sat down to talk.

Eventually, as it started to get dark outside, Beth snapped her book shut again. "Mr. Smith, come here." He stopped writing and got up, came to the desk. "No, no, come around here, have a seat." She patted the desk corner. He sat down where she wanted, crossing his legs automatically for his modesty.

"Let's talk about what you learned today, Mr. Smith. How do you feel in that outfit?"

"A little ridiculous. I'm not a cross dresser." he said

"I know that, but now you know exactly how us ladies feel. Those outfits are ridiculous, neither a woman nor a man would choose to wear one. However, you do look really cute dressed like that." She placed a hand on his stockinged leg and he blushed.

"What did you think about the assignment?"

"It was perfectly random and annoying busy work. My hand hurts from all that nonsense. I mean, what was the.."

Beth cut him off, "Precisely Mr. Smith. That is exactly what the students feel about homework. Now, now, don't make a fuss. You may have a plan, a goal, but the busy work is still busy work and we all hate it."

John closed his mouth and thought about it for a minute.

"What did you think of me? Mr. Smith, what did you notice? Be frank with me."

He hesitated for a moment but then decided the hell with it, "You were so obvious! Every time I looked up you looked away. You spent the whole day checking me out and acting like I didn't know. And that ignoring me thing at the beginning, you never even turned a page..." His voice died off for a minute as he realized what had just happened. This is what he did, try to sneak a look whenever he could. My god, had he been so obvious? He had even started to tease her, just like the girls did at school! Jesus, it was that transparent? Was his desire and lust that easy to see?

Beth looked at his dumbfounded eyes and knew he had figured out today's lesson, mostly. "What would you do if you saw that amount of desire in a person you were attracted to?"

John didn't have to think about it, "I would have bought her a drink and maybe asked her out."

Beth jumped up and hugged John, giving him a quick kiss, she was excited, "Don't you see, that's what I did. Except I can't buy you a drink, because I'm not old enough and you would have never gone out with me, because I was your student. So I had to make you see and understand!" She grabbed his hand and started leading him out of the study.

"You've done a terrific job today Mr. Smith! Amazing! Now it is time for your wonderful reward and my turn to learn something!" They went to the bedroom.
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m) - Part 6 of 7 loaded

Postby tritied » Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:00 pm

Next section


Beth led John into the bedroom and turned around, very excited. "Take off your clothes! C'mon, take them off take them off! Oh never mind." She expertly undid the skirt and it dropped off of him, then she attacked the shirt, unbuttoning it quickly. John sat down on the bed and started to remove the stockings when Beth said, "No, leave them on, I think they are cute. Leave the panties on too." John smiled, making Beth more excited. He was enjoying this!

A few minutes later John was tightly and securely tied to the bed, spread eagled. His arms and legs pulled as taut as the bed would allow. Beth thought his smooth, shaved body looked just adorable with his little stockings and panties on. "Okay be right back," she said.

In the second bedroom Beth took off her clothes and changed. She dressed without thought, her whole mind fixed on the rest of the night. Now, finally, she was going to learn something. She was tired of learning about sex with high shool boys, they were so clumsy and had no experience. Mr. Smith had lots of experience, he'd been to college after all, and Beth remembered how he ate her out. Completely tied up and helpless he had given her amazing pleasure, pleasure like she had read about and seen in movies, but never experienced. She wanted to learn how to do that for a man, and John was going to teach her. She thought he might be willing to do it without being tied up, but that would ruin her game for tomorrow night. Besides this way she could practice all night and tomorrow morning without worrying about him wanting her to stop.

She admired herself in the mirror. Tonight she was dressed almost exactly like the night before, except all white. The color of innocence she told herself. Her breasts were in a white, lacy bra and she had put on white, sheer stockings and garter belt. She had another pair of tie on panties, all white. She even put her hair back with a white hair band. She looked great. The white lingerie offset her creamy skin. Mr. Smith would love it.

When she walked in, he lifted his head and stared. He did love it. She saw his penis begin to swell in the panties a little. She did a little spin for him.

"Mr. Smith, the past couple of days, I have taught you a lot about yourself. Tonight, you must teach me. You see, I learned all this stuff about bondage and dressing up from websites. Websites like bondage bedroom. Oh don't be suprised, you kept using the school networks to surf the internet and I had some friends in the computer club get me a list of where you went. That's how I knew you would love all of this.

"But what I couldn't learn was how to treat a man right. I don't really know how to kiss well, or where to touch a man, or how. And I'd like to understand how to give a really good blow job. So, this is your night. Tonight you will get whatever you ask for and we will practice it until I get it right.

"The only thing you can't have is actual sex. Tomorrow night, you will initiate that yourself and will finish my lesson then.

"Tonight, you are still my tool. My experiment. So you stay tied up until I'm done, until I've practiced and gotten it right! So, from now on speak freely, and tell me what you want, exactly how you want it. You'll get it!" She put her hands on her hips and cocked a hip a little, striking a pose and waiting. He only hesitated for a minute.

"You need to learn how to kiss right. Come here." Beth went over and sat next to John.

"Adult lovers don't normally start kissing without a little stroking. I liked to be touched a lot, it makes a terrific connection. Explore my body with your hands. Above the waistline. Tickle me with gentle fingertips. Feel my face, know what I look like through your sense of touch." John said.

Beth began to do so, stroking over his chest and shoulders, feeling the way the muscles connect and join. John closed his eyes and made a little sound then said, "That's what good sex requires, feedback. When you touch me and I moan or breathe in or move myself to expose more skin, that is a good thing. Many people, me included it would seem, never know exactly what we want. But as you do things and try things and hear noises and reactions, you can figure out what that person really likes. So follow the noises."

Beth did, stroking here and there. She learned that John liked his stomach to be rubbed, that he liked it when she ran her hands down both sides at once. She learned that he likes having his head rubbed, the hair pulled some. When her fingers neared his lips, he would turn his head towards them and kiss them, sometimes pull them in and suck on them. One time she pushed a few more fingers in and pulled his jaw down, he moaned with pleasure. He really liked it when she ran a finger near the line of his panties, but didn't go and touch his penis.

"That's nice, Ms. Fletcher, that is very nice. Now kiss my skin, gently, little pecks, but keep your lips loose and moist. That's great, use your tongue, sparingly, lick me here and there.", he said eyes still closed.

Beth kissed his stomach, his chest, and went to lick a nipple. She gave it a big old slurp and he laughed, "No, no, use just the tip of your tongue. The tip is the most sensual." She worked around his upper body, little open mouthed kiss licks and he enjoyed himself. So did she, his body smelled terrific and tasted good too.

"Lay on your side next to me, Ms. Fletcher and rub one of those fabulous stocking legs on my leg. I really like that." So she cuddled up next to him and laid a leg on his bound leg, rubbing it up and down. The sensation of stocking on stocking was fascinating and John liked it too, squirming a little when she did it. Her knee brushed his groin when she did it, and John moaned.

"Kiss me," he gasped, "like you've been kissing my skin." She lowered her head and their lips met, softly. She flicked his lips with her tongue and he opened his mouth and flicked back. They kissed like that, gently. It was the most sensuous thing Beth had ever experienced. He tried to speak, unable to pull away and she lifted her head.

"You are doing wonderfully, Ms. Fletcher, really well. Now kiss me a little harder and open your mouth, keep your tongue away and feel what I do." Happy and pleased with his compliment she lowered her head again and as their lips met, John widened his mouth, Beth did the same. Then his tongue began gently flicking her teeth and the roof of her mouth, it explored her lips, inside and out. He set a rythm with his lips, opening and closing them and Beth joined in. This was kissing, she thought, this was like it was in the movies, gorgeous and patient and sexy as all hell. She began exploring with her tongue, keeping it under control and doing what he did. Under her knee, she felt his boner grow and grow. It came out from the panties and she felt its heat on her leg. Without thinking she touched it and he gasped. She pulled away quickly, afraid she'd done something wrong.

"No, no," he said "Touch it, touch it. Lightly. Tickle it, feel my balls. Always gently. Stroke the shaft. Touch.." His voice trailed off as she began to do what he said. It was an amazing thing, solid and hot to the touch. Some cum dripped off the tip but it didn't bother her any. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft and explored around the balls. She watched, amazed, as it got harder. She saw his fists opening and clenching, trapped by her bonds, unable to touch anything but clearly wanting to. Then her finger slipped behind the ball sack by accident and brushed some firm skin.

His back arched and he whispered, "Yes, yes, push.. Push.." So she pushed with her finger and felt that it was also swollen. He said, "Yes.. Lower.. Lower.." She let her finger drop lower, felt it approach what had to be his anus. She looked up and saw him nodding and kept going, intrigued. This wasn't in any damn health books!

He gasped, "Prostate gland. Tap and push there.. Do it.." She did what he said. She wasn't in his anus, but was right next to it. Every time she pushed, he would arch his back a little, his fists would spasm. He looked like she felt when he ate her the other night.

"Now," he said, wide eyed, "Lick it, lick the shaft.. Oh please.." Quickly she reached under the bed and got some scissors, with two quick snips she cut the panties off of him. They were cheap, throwaways, bought for this purpose. She began to lower her head to his penis when he said, "No, straddle my chest.. Face my feet and straddle my chest."

This was fun, she thought as she swung her leg over him. She looked behind her and saw him looking at her legs as they slid into place down his ribs. He was reaching, actually reaching with his hands to touch her legs, but the bonds held him back. She felt powerful, in control. Different from before. Before she had him tied up so he wouldn't run away. Now, having him tied up kept him from grabbing her, letting her learn what she wanted to. He wanted her, badly, but he couldn't have her. She knew she had him. She leaned down and licked his penis, gently with the tip of her tongue. He moaned the whole time.

She kept licking it, like a lolly pop. She discovered the tip was very sensitive and the cum tasted okay. She tried pressing where he liked and licking. It drove him nuts.

"Put your lips around it, no teeth, just lips. Go up and down, pushing it as far in as you can and back out. Suck it! Suck my dick!" He almost shouted and she complied, running her lips up and down the swollen shaft, flicking it with her tongue. She could go almost to the base of his shaft. Every time he shook under her, bucked.

"Faster," he croaked. She went up and down, squeezing his balls, pushing on him with her fingers, licking and sucking, faster and faster. Suddenly he went completely still and and stiff, his voice leaked out of his mouth and his muscles tensed against the ropes, straining.

"Off," he whispered and she pulled away in time to see him come. He shot big hot spurts into the air. Some landed on her, but she didn't care, she was ecstatic. She had done it! She had given a man a proper blow job. He kept coming and coming, getting it all over himself until finally all the tension left his body and he sagged against the ropes, spent. She got up and got a towel, cleaned herself and John off. When she was done, his eyes were still shut and he shuddered every now and then, so she laid down next to him, threw a leg over his leg and gently touched his stomach and chest.

Eventually he spoke, "Ms. Fletcher, that was amazing. That was the best blow job I have ever had."


"Definitely, you were so patient and slow and teasing and your weight on my chest so pleasant. You are going to make a man very happy one day."

She pouted, "I want to make you happy"

He looked away for a moment, "Ms. Fletcher, we can't do this. You have taught me a lot about myself and you've given me amazing pleasure. But I'm only here because you captured me and have pictures to blackmail me with."

"But you enjoyed it, I saw your eyes, I felt your penis. That wasn't fake."

"No, it wasn't, but what am I supposed to do? You've got me tied to the bed, expertly again. I can hardly move my limbs, much less try and get away. What you did was enjoyable.."

She cut him off, "Was enjoyable?" Her hand went to his crotch, felt his penis soft and flaccid. She kissed him, ever so gently. She rubbed her foot up his stockinged calf. Through her lips she felt him smile.

"Ms. Fletcher, when a man comes like I just did we can't get hard for a while again," he said into her lips.

"Yes, Mr. Smith, I've heard of that. But I told you I was here to practice and so practice I will." She went to work on him, touching and kissing and licking, pulling his hair and pushing his face from side to side. She took her bra off and pushed her tits into his mouth, enjoying the sensation as he sucked at them. There was no hesitation there. He wanted her tits, wanted her body. But it was hers to give, and besides she needed to practice some more. She straddled him and rubbed her wet panties on his crotch. Before long he was hard again.

He opened his mouth to say something and she placed a finger on his lips, "Shh, Mr. Smith. You will talk no more. You will know when it is okay to talk again. But not now, now I will explore and do things I want and you will 'talk' to me with your body and moans and breath. Now you just enjoy and learn what your body is capable of."

That is how they spent the night. She would do all sorts of things to him, rubbing his body and limbs, kissing his feet and feeling the silky stocking on her lips. The stockings really were amusing. He looked so cute tied to the bed with black ribbons around his wrists and ankles, playing against the white stockings which played against his slightly darker skin. He liked it when she rubbed them, she noticed, especially if she rubbed them with her legs. She rubbed his dick with her tits, took off her panties and rubbed herself on him. Feeling the slippery slickness of her wet pussy and his smooth penis. She had been right, two shaved crotches rubbing together felt amazing.

Once he said a single word, "semen", as she rubbed her pussy on him but she just smiled and gagged him, saying nothing. She only left the gag in for a little while, just to make a point.

His hard shaft rubbing between her lips and stabbing at her clitoris made her orgasm a couple of times, as did the time she straddled his face and forced him to do 69 with her. Sometimes she would get tired and would curl up next to him and fall asleep and then wake him up later with more of the same treatment. She made him come once more, and then didn't let him come again. No matter how hard he got and strained at his ropes, she recognized the signs of imminent orgasm and would stop. Again and again she turned him on, until she knew exactly what sorts of things to do and how. Eventually she saw dim light outside the window again and knew it was nearing dawn. John was falling asleep rapidly between sessions and she was exhausted too.

She lay down in the crook of his shoulder, one leg, still stockinged, hooked over his and reflected some. She had been very successful so far. He was her plaything now. For three nights she had kept him tied up and under her control and he submitted to just about anything now. He might protest, but she knew he enjoyed it. He enjoyed the loss of control, the sense of helplessness. The pain she knew his groin must be feeling was changed to pleasure by his inability to do anything about it. She knew he loved her touch, her body. Knew he lusted after her. And also knew that he would never have her once she set him free.

But she snuggled into his arm and relaxed, because she had one more lesson left and then he would never be free. He wouldn't want to be. She fell asleep, peaceful and happy.
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby cufflinks » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:36 pm

This is a really good story
Keep it up!

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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m) - Final posted!

Postby tritied » Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:16 pm



John woke up and tried to stretch and found he was already stretched. There was a moment of confusion before he remembered what was going on. He opened his eyes and saw through the window that it had snowed. He didn't know what time it was, but it looked like 10 AM. Beth was gone, but he was still tied to the bed, completely exposed and helpless. He felt a little sore at the wrists and ankles, but otherwise felt okay. It was better than the hogtie he had been in the night before. He also felt sore in his groin. He laid his head back down.

Jesus, what a night that had been. She had been insatiable. A perfectionist it seemed. Well she had practiced until she had it right, that was for sure. Her lips and skin and fingers and mouth and amazing wet pussy, all working together perfectly, all knowing what to do and how. She had completely turned him on, over and over. He had wanted to rip out of the binds and fuck her again and again, but the ties were strong and he could only pull uselessly against the ropes as she teased and teased. It had been wonderful. She was wonderful, and he knew it. She was smart and playful, had a great body and amazing sensuality. He knew that he wanted to play these games with her again.

At one point in the night, he had woken up and she was still sleeping next to him. She was actually almost on top of him. She had a leg thrown over his, a silky white glistening leg that he ached to feel and taste. Her arm was over his stomach and her head was resting on his shoulder. She had looked so beautiful and perfect. But as surely as his hands were tied up, she was completely untouchable. She was too young and a student. He would not survive this, he could tell. Somehow, people would find out and it would be all over. Somehow he had to make her see.

Just then she walked in. "Well, I see someone is awake." He looked and saw that thinking about her and the evening had caused his penis to swell again. Without a word she climbed between his legs and began sucking his dick. He closed his eyes and put his head back, rapidly losing himself in the pleasure of her lips and tongue once again. He got closer and closer, arched his back, clenched his ass and she kept sucking. He felt it growing in his balls and tensed his body and she suddenly stopped. Again. It was so goddamn maddening!

He felt her start untying his legs and was strangely let down. It meant the practice was over and he wasn't going to feel her do all that again. Before long she had untied him, stripped him of his stockings and given him a bathrobe. After nearly three days of being naked, it felt constricting almost. He rubbed his ankles and wrists a little.

"Mr. Smith, go take a shower, you stink!"

He took a hot shower, reveling in it, cleaning himself thoroughly and feeling the soap on his smooth skin. He thought briefly about finishing himself off, but thought better of it. He rinsed, toweled and stepped out in the robe. She was waiting for him, dressed simply, in snug jeans and low cut, but casual shirt. Her hair was down, and slightly damp. Her skin looked a little flushed. Beautiful, again, he thought. Absolutely stunning.

"Mr. Smith, it snowed last night. Go shovel the driveway, and don't come back in until you are done. There is a shovel in the garage." She kissed him, turned and went into the second bedroom, closing the door behind her. He had been dismissed!

In the main bedroom, where they had spent the night, he found his clothes. It seemed like a very long time ago when he had been wearing them before he walked into this trap. As he dressed he thought about the driveway. It was two hundred yards long, at least. The length of two football fields. This was going to take all day.

On his way out the door, he saw a bowl of oatmeal and some juice. There was a note on it, "Enjoy!". He ate quickly, got the shovel and went outside.

It was cold, but overly so. Snow didn't like very cold weather, so he would be okay for the day. Snow blanketed everything, drooping the trees a little and covering the driveway. It was about three inches deep. Not the worst he had ever faced, but daunting.

John dug the shovel in and heaved. It was medium heavy snow, not the fluffy powder the skiers like but not like white mud either. He could do it, but he was going to be tired tonight.

He set to work, shovel and heave, shovel and heave, shovel and heave. Again and again. At first he kept trying to judge progress and make an estimate of how long it would take to finish. Eventually he dropped into a rythm and it didn't matter. He could only shovel and heave, shovel and heave. It didn't matter how long it took, or when he would get done, he just had to go until he finished. Occasionally Beth brought out food an one time hot cocoa. He sniffed it before he drank and she laughed.

"No more Mr. Smith! You think I want to drag you up this driveway into the house?"

The day wore on and on and got colder and colder. As twilight began and the temperature dropped quickly, John threw the last shovel full of snow over his shoulder and trudged back up to the house. He was completely exhausted. No thoughts of Beth or her plans, he just wanted to rest. She opened the door for him as he approached and ushered him inside.

"Good work, Mr. Smith. You inspire me with your endurance! Lets get those things off of you!" The house was very, very warm. A fire roared in the fireplace and the heater was on high. It felt good, but he was overheating a little. She took his outer garmets off and he was too tired to care that she was stripping him completely. He just wanted to sleep.

She led him to the second bedroom. Inside was a twin bed with no sheets or blankets. He tried to lay down on it and she stopped him, "No no Mr. Smith. There is a mat on the other side of the bed. You will sleep there."

The heat, the effort for the day and the uneven sleep of the previous to nights made him not care. He went to the mat and laid down. It was thin, but good enough. There was no blanket but there was a pillow. He was asleep in minutes. Beth watched him for a second, then went out and closed the door.

Sometime later that night he woke up, freezing. It was dark outside and the room had cooled down tremendously. He was in the fetal position, but knew he wouldn't sleep again without a blanket. He stood up.

There she was, on the bed, in a sleeping bag, looking very peaceful. The moonlight came in the window and highlighted her gorgeous face. He did it before he realized what exactly he was doing. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, feeling the smooth, warm skin. Deliciously inviting. He saw that the door was open to a black hall and knew he could probably find warmth out there somewhere, but hell, it didn't seem to matter. For three nights she had touched him and tasted him. They had slept together the night before and what did one more night matter. He had rationalized it so well, he didn't realize he simply wanted to be with her right then.

She woke up as he tried to crawl into the sleeping back with her and she helped him in. Her hot skin made him feel that much colder and he shivered as he slid down the bag. She was naked in the sleeping bag and her sweet skin burned hot everywhere his skin touched it. They spooned, with her holding him. She didn't do anything but wrap her arms around him and he felt wonderful. He knew he belonged there. From the nape of his neck to his feet, he felt her skin, warming him and soothing him. She was a delightful creature and he wanted her, wanted her love and attention. He had lusted after her for two years and felt blessed that he had gotten her.

He was almost completely warmed up when she spoke, softly into his ear, "John, I have one more thing to tell you and then you can decide for yourself what you want to do. If you want to end this, I will pull the email back in the morning and you will be free.

"John, I turned 18 on the 5th of December, so you have done nothing illegal. Also, I went to summer school so I could graduate early. I received my diploma the day after winter break started. I am no longer a student in your high school. In fact, I start community college in 3 weeks."

John laid, stunned for a moment. He didn't even think of questioning her, it was the truth and he trusted her. He turned around in her arms and for the first time laid his hands on her skin and body. She felt exactly how she looked. It was legal! It was okay! He hadn't broken any rules and if they kept it quiet for a few months, it wouldn't even be looked down upon. They could be together!

He kissed her, passionately and she returned it with vigor. Their legs intertwined as he ran his hand down her flank, brushing her breasts down to her ass. She got a little still and he spoke, "What is the matter, Beth?"

"John, nothing, I've just never really been touched like that. I love it, but I'm not used to it. I've never actually, umm, had sex.."

John smiled and kissed her tenderly. "Beth, just lay back and enjoy. I won't hurt you and you tell me to stop if you feel uncomfortable." They shifted position a little so he was leaning on her and she was on her back. He ran his hand tenderly down her body, exploring just like she had explored him last night. His fingers ran along her breasts and belly button, moved them over her sides and down around her ass. He kissed her gently on the neck and blew softly in her ear. She squirmed and moaned and let him know he was doing it right.

Then he began kissing her lips, their tongues played with each other and they clamped into hard, strong deep kisses. Beth sucked on his tongue and he began squeezing her breasts. She gasped and threw her head back and he kneaded them and tickled her hard nipples. He pushed his knee between her legs, pushed against her wet pussy and the pressure felt good to her.

Slowly his hand dropped down her belly and between her legs. She spread them a little, she wanted this, wanted it with all her heart. His finger pushed on her and he felt her wetness, slippery and waiting. He explored the folds carefully, pushing them aside as he slipped his finger into the moistness. She was laying very still, but he knew she wanted this. He pushed over another fold and found the swollen clitoris. He tapped it once and she drew her breath in sharply. They were both sweating in the close confines of the sleeping bag as their bodies pressed against each other and slid around.

His finger circled, poked, tapped, slid, danced upon her clit and every time he changed directions she would breath faster. He pushed his finger into her soaking wet vagina and she almost shouted, but then he pulled out and waltzed on her clitoris some more. Finally he found a pattern he thought she liked and did it over and over, lightly and harder, working at her until she hugged him hard and began to moan loudly, orgasming. It lasted about a minute or two and she shivered now and then as the feelings washed through her body.

She opened her eyes and found him looking fondly at her, stroking her cheek. He kissed her and she giggled, "Wow, John, that is amazing." Then she felt something hard push against her thigh, she reached down and felt his hard on.

"Beth, do you have any condoms?"

"It's okay, I'm on the pill. Oh please, please fuck me."

He got completely on top of her and spread her legs, kissing her soft at first then harder as he poked her pussy with his dick. She kissed him hard back, shivering with excitement. He reached down and grabbed his shaft, pushing the head around her pussy, teasing her clitoris a little before positioning his dick right on the vagina. He pushed in a little and she got still again.

"Open your eyes, Beth, look at my eyes. It will be okay."

She opened her eyes and felt the amazing connection only two people making love can feel when they look at each others eyes. He pushed in a little more, and then out, then a little further, then out. She pulled his head down and kissed him and he pushed in even farther until he met resistance. He pulled his head back up and grabbed her hand with his, "It's okay, watch my eyes."

He pushed and she squeezed his hand as it hurt a little and he pushed again and the pain went up and then he was through. He moved in and out a little bit then pulled out completely, resting the tip of his penis at the opening of her vagina. He waited until his penis cooled down just a little and then thrust it into her, hard and fast. The heat of her body wrapped around him, and made him gasp. Beth felt him fill her and pulled her knees up a little, she wanted him deeper inside of her. Oh god he felt amazing inside of her.

Her pussy wrapped around his penis had to be the best thing he had ever felt, in his entire life. He began slow, sliding in and out and then got excited. He started to fuck her, hard, ramming her for all he was worth. The bed began smacking against the wall, but who the fuck cared. She began moaning and clawing at his back. Her nails raked across his skin, adding to his pleasure. He began to talk.

"Little bitch, tying me up, teasing me, blackmailing me. How dare you!", he barked as he fucked her with each syllable.

Her eyes flew open with surprise but saw the lust in his eyes and knew what was going on. She grabbed his hair and yanked it back, "You needed it, you dirty man. You're nothing but a dirty man whore, lusting after little girls. I should have tied you up and left, called the police. Then you would have been fucked, huh?"

"You'd do it too, you little slut. But now you're the one that's getting fucked. How do you like that?"

"I'm being fucked? I didn't notice," she said nastily, running her nails across his back again.

"Oh yeah. Bitch, take this." And he rammed in and out harder and harder, faster and faster. His breathing came hard and slow, trying to hold on for all he was worth. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him and he lost all control. He felt it coming and tried to back out but she had him tight. He knew it didn't matter anyway, but he'd never come inside anyone before.

She felt his dick get momentarily harder and longer and then it began to pulse. Each pulse unleashed hotness into her vagina. He jerked and stiffened, coming into her, not stopping, the pent up energy from the night before rushing out of him. Finally he collapsed on top of her, spent.

They laid that way for sometime, enjoying each other's skin and both feeling his penis soften and shrink its way out her vagina. Eventually he rolled off and spooned her and they fell asleep that way.

During the night one would wake up, feel the other sleeping peacefully and fall asleep again, content.

The morning sun woke them and they made love again, gently and wonderfully. Afterwards John got out of bed.

"I'm going to make breakfast, come out when you are ready." He kissed her tenderly and walked off. She watched him go then got out of bed.

He was just taking the eggs from the pan when she came in, wearing her white robe. But she looked pale, scared. He stopped and asked her, "What's the matter, babe?"

She looked down, at her hands, looked up again and then sat down, unable to keep eye contact with him. He knelt beside her and put his hand on her thigh, inside the robe. She put her hand on top of his.

"C'mon Beth, what's the matter? Everything will be fine, the pill is very effective."

"No, I'm not worried about that. It was what I wanted."

"Well, what then."

She took a deep breath and looked at him, "Allison Reynolds changed her password."
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby Jake » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:59 pm

Haha my God! Not sure if that was the ending but what an end or at least a cliffhanger to a tremendous story. I couldn't stop reading until the end :P
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby Jake » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:00 pm

Oh...and good luck mr Smith...
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Re: Winter Cabin (F/m)

Postby tritied » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:43 pm

Excellent! I'm glad you liked it! That was indeed the end.
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