My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

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My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby cutekidz » Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:07 pm

So this is my first story to ever post on this site. This was the first TUG with one of my friends and it was pretty awesome. My name is Justin and I'm sixteen years old. I have brown normal hair, I'm still called baby face at times... Well just because... You know... Lol!
My friend is called Roy, he is 14 years old he has the cutest face ever as described by everyone.... and he has pretty light brown hair. He is smaller and shorter than me but he takes box and mma classes so he has his advantage. I was really into TUGs long before, but this is the first whorthwhile telling. We are really skinny but extremely athletic we both play sports between 3 and 4 hours daily and even though we are not very muscular because our complexion, we are really strong.
This happened the other day, my parents were away on vacation and they left me at my friends house. He has a brother and a sister but them and his parents were going for the night to a wedding in a city about 1 hour away, so we had the house for ourselves for the whole night and the next morning. So we were playing Basketball but we started getting bored and besides we had worked quite a sweat. We both are pretty athletic but he is way better at basketball than me because I'm more of a tennis player.
- So what do you want to do? - he asked me.
That was when it hit me, all stories start like that and I decided to risk it and take my chances.
- Do you have any duct tape? - I asked couragely.
- What for? - he replied puzzled.
- Just get me some? You'll see we'll have fun.
- Ok - he said and returned with three rolls of duct tape. One original gray, one pink and one electric green.
- All right and you should know this are the good stuff not those sucky imitations going around. - I said with a super big smile on mi face knowing my friend's destiny. I'm going to your room to set everything up, please bring some ice.
So I went into his room put the tape at hand deciding to use the pink tape to humiliate him more, and he looks great in pink (that's our joke but it's actually true). I cut a piece of tape to tie up his hands. I needed to be ready and take him by surprise if I wanted a fast and easy battle. I hid myself behind the door with the piece of tape really close to me. He then entered and I tackled him to the ground extremely fast I then sat on him having the battle almost won as I am a bit bigger than him. I took his hands behind his back and held them with my own.
- Hey what are you doing? What is this about? - he asked still not knowing what was going on.
I put the piece of tape in his hands before replying. I then took the pink roll and started to wrapping the tape around his wrist.
- I'm tying you up to have some fun with you.
- Hey that isn't fair. - he complained.
- I'll show you fair...
After wrapping the tape 5 or 6 times and making sure it was absolutely secure, I went on to his feet. I wrapped lots of tape around his ankles and around his thigh to make sure his legs weren't moving. I then turned him around and sat him. While he was siting I wrapped more tape around his chest and elbows pinning his arms completely to the sides. I then took off his shoes and his socks and put them aside. Both of them and his feet were really smelling, remember we were just playing basketball ... lol!! I then sarted tickling really hard his feet, still holding him so he couldn't get away. He laughed really hard and he begged me to stop saying he was going to pee himself.
- So how do you like it so far? - I asked maliciously.
- You are so screwed!!! I'm getting revenge, real revenge!!! You'll wish you never done this.
- Then I think I'll make the best of this. Open wide!!
I then took his smelly sock and stuffed it deep into his mouth, it was a big sock so it really made his mouth pop. I pushed it comletely and started putting a lot of pink tape over his mouth. I must've put over 6 layers because he really had a hard time getting any sound out.
- So how does your sock taste after three hours of basketball???
- Hey it is true, the pink really suits you. You look really nice. I think I'll take a pic.
- You better behave now or this is getting worse!
And he started struggling and moving around so I decided to continue.
- Very well....

I took my shoe, which smelled awfully like sweat and put it ver his nose and then tied it up around his head with the shoelaces really hard. He started shaking his head around but the shoe wasn't going anywhere.
- I guess you like the smell of my feet. (I guess it is safe to say I really do have super smelly feet because I play a lot of tennis daily).
- Looks like you aren't still understanding. How is your gag going?? Lovely sock right??? LMAO!!!
So I made him stand close to his bed and then took the pink tape again. I then started wrapping tape from his ankles all the way up until I reached his crotch. I then noticed a bulge and said:
- Looks like you are enjoying this, well this is getting more interesting.
I hit him lightly in his bulge a few times and moved my hand aroung. He looked really aroused as I was getting. (Let me get clear we are both straight but we found out we like playing with each other). I skipped the crotch area and went over to his stomach all the way up to his neck. He had really nice abs.

He was completely mummified, helpless. He even found struggling something hard to do. I sat him on a puff on the floor in front of the TV. I then put my hand in his short and pinch him there a little bit (this is pretty common in our school and it looked like he liked it). I then took the ice (it was a LOT) and put it in his pants. That caused him to really start screaming or trying to and moving around. I just couldn't stop laughing. And I said: - We are getting to the best part. I'm playing some Xbox and you are watching because you can't play. But it isn't fair I do everything so I took the Xbox control, put it over his shortx just above his private parts and taped it so it stayed there. I then turned up the heat up to a maximum, I can only imagined how much heat he was feeling because I just couldn't take it and took my shirt off but he was mummified. I then started playing and each time his character got killed or shot, his control vibrated and that made him really excited, he just couldn't take it he just MMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHEED whenever the control vibrated.

- O.K. - I said, I'm tired of playing Xbox I'm going to bed but first....

I took off the Xbox control and there was something gooey going under his shorts.

-Ugh! Looks like you couldn't restrain yourself... Well.

I then wrapped a lot of tape in the part of the crotch where it was missing and put him in his bed. I then started tickling him so hard so hard and for like 15 minutes that he actually wet himself. I could see the relieve and shame in his face.

- Looks like little baby wet himself. You couldn't resist could you??
- Well I guess I can't blame a little baby that hasn't learned how to go the toilet. I'm going to bed now but I'm leaving you the heat up so you can get horny again. Until tomorrow.

So I left him there, completely mummified and tied up in pink tape. With pee and semen all over him. Ice still melting on his crotch and around. A dirty sock in his mouth. A super smelly shoe over his nose. The heat up to a maximum and all of his blankets over him.

I untied him at the next morning before his parents arrived and he punched me in the arm. He said he was getting his revenge, and boy he did... but more on that later....

See ya!!!

Please comment I wish to know if it is worth it to put more stories....

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Re: My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby Vospader12 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:16 am

Love it do yo rp

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Re: My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby Chris12 » Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:25 am

I'm still called baby face at times... Well just because... You know... Lol!

I feel your pain :big:

Good try for you first story, a few typo's here and there but otherwise it looks fine. As a small tip I would suggested using quotation marks ('' '') rather then lines to use with dialogue.

Looking forward to your friends revenge.

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Re: My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby tiednw » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:58 pm

Awesome, looking forward to more!


Re: My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby thisaccountisgonepleasedeleteit » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:05 pm

Good first story, can't wait for more!

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Re: My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby Lake Lover » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:15 am

I really enjoyed reading your story.

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Re: My first story .... Pink suits you ;p

Postby Ossassin » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:00 am

That was pretty good
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