sister liked it

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sister liked it

Postby delysid » Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:34 pm

my sister liked it
i have allways tried to protect my sister susan from harm, even though i was not the nicest
brother, i did my best to protect her. when i was mean to her i would allways go back and
appologize later because i felt bad, sometimes i would blame it on an imaginary person and
she played along with that, and that lead us to start playing a game where i was the bad guy
who would attack her and tie her up, then i would leave the room for several minutes and
come back as the good guy who set her free. she seemed to allways want to play this game
when she was wearing her pajamas, for susan this meant a t-shirt, panties, and little ankle
socks, sometimes she was wearing shorts or pants and she would actually stop me and tell to
"wait a minute" while she took off her pants. many times i enjoyed tying susan up with rope
and tickling her, she would resist at first then she would just go limp and start giggling
while i tied her wrists and ankles, mostly just tied her wrists behind her back and tied her
ankles together.
my story begins on on warm summer day, no school, parents both went to work and left me, the
oldest child to take care of the house and watch over my sister. she was wandering around
the house wearing a colorful t-shirt that hung down just above her crotch, i could easily
see the color of panties she was wearing underneath, and of course the essential little
ankle socks. she was parading around the house like that just tanting me and tempting me to
go after her. i controled myself as long as i could, then i reached out with two fingers and
tickled her side, "dont" she said, i did it again, this time she let out a playfull squeel
and ran across the house and i chased her for a while, i caught up with her a few times and
gently wrestled her to the ground for some heavy tickling, she managed to get away from my
grasp, but then she only ran a few feet then stoped, turn around and waited for me to attack
again, and i did, i chased her as she ran into her room and jumped on top of her bed. i told
her that she was very naughty and i was going to tie her up, she squeel playfully and said
no please dont, ill be good, i promise. i ran across the hall to my room and grabbed a
handfull of ropes i had under my bed, i went back into susan's room, and said, now i am
going to tie you to the bed, she did not resist at all, susan rolled over on the bed and
layed face down on the bed, then she streched out her arms and legs toward the bedposts, i
promptly secured both of her wrists to the corners of the headboard, then i wrapped several
strands of rope around each ankle and secured them to the posts at the footboard. she stayed
completely relaxed and content while i tied her down. as i looked at her laying there
wearing only a skimpy t-shirt and panties, spread out and tied to the bed, i began to feel
for the first time that girls were no longer something to avoid because they had cooties, i
had warm feelings about girls now that i did not quite understand, all i knew is that she
looked very good laying there. so of couse, i climbed on top of her and tickled her
endlessly and without mercy, she started to scream very loud, to a grabed a long scarf from
the floor and streched it over her mouth and tied it behind her head, she continued to
scream as i tickled her some more. i could see that she was tired out so i left the room for
just a minute, then returned as "the good guy" and said dont worry sister, i will save you,
i untied her and she jumped up, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight, she said
"your my hero, big brother" and she kissed me many times on my cheeks, i turned and said
"yuck, dont kiss me" but i felt very warm inside as this was the first time a had been
kissed by a girl. after that the tables had turned on me, she began to chase "me" around the
house shouting "big brother" and when she caught up to me she would start kissing my face,
then she pinned me down and sat on top of me and she said "im going to get you back for
tying me to the bed you know"
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Re: sister liked it

Postby delysid » Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:51 pm

i layed on the floor pretending to be helpless, susan sat on top of me like she was
stradling a horse, she kept bending over to kiss my cheeks as i struggled to avoid her
attempts. she grabed my wrists and pinned them to the floor above my head an locked her legs
and feet around my thighs,then she bent down close to my ear teaming with childish passion
she wispered in my ear "i will get you back for tying me to the bed" reluctantly is said, ok
whats fair is fair, i will let you tie me up. she giggled and jumped to her feet, reached
for my hand and said, come on, right now! she lead me by hand into her bedroom and told me
that i should get comfortable because this might take a while, so i took of my shirt and
shoes, left my shorts on and layed down on the bed face up. she proceeded to tie my wrists
tightly to the bedposts, then she tied ropes around my ankles and pulled them tight
streching my whole body out on the bed, then she tied the ends to the bedposts. there i was
spread eagle tied to my sisters bed and i could not move at all. she took several pairs of
her dirty ankle socks from the floor of her room, wadded them up in her hand, shoved them in
my mouth and tied a long scarf around my head to hold them in. she started to tickle me on
my stomach, sides, thighs, feet, and she would not stop, i struggled against my bonds and
wimpered through the sock gag, yet she continued to punish me with relentless tickling until
i was exhausted and my face was turning red. then she stopped and said "oh im sorry big
brother" "i didnt mean to tickle you soo badly" "you know your my favorite big brother" then
she bent over and kissed me several times on the chest, it made me squirm even worse than
when she was tickling me. she said "oh that tickles when i kiss you? is that why you dont
want me to kiss you? with childish exuberance she proceeded to kiss me hundreds of times,
she kissed my chest, she kissed my belly, she kissed my thighs and even kissed my feet. with
each kiss she giggled and with each kiss i struggled wildly against the ropes that held me,
it tickled worse than anything i have ever felt and sent chills racing up my spine. then she
layed on top of me resting her head on my belly, admiring her work and allowing me to catch
my breath. sudenly she sat up and said "i know what ill do to you" "ill invite stephanie and
michelle over to help me tickle you" a panic hit me like a thunderstorm as she went to her
nightstand and picked up the telephone.
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Re: sister liked it

Postby delysid » Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:59 am

she dialed called her best freinds stephanie and michelle who lived down the street, told
them that she had her naughty brother tied to the bed and needed help tickling him, they
both agreed to come over. i tried to beg and plee with her "i cant understand what your
saying with those socks in your mouth" she said, then she giggled and said "you know
michelle has a crush on you dont you? she is coming over here with stephanie, she giggled
and ran out of the room leaving me tie up to the bed. two more giggling voices from the
other room, the girls had arrived, michelle walked in first, "my honey, all tied up for me"
she giggled and jumped on top of me, susan and stephanie walked in and climed on the bed,
"what should we do with him" said stephanie "lets take his clothes off" michelle said, susan
spoke up and said "girls, i told you he has been naughtly and needs to be punished" "he tied
me up just like this and tickled me for hours" "i want to get him back for that" "by the
way, susan said, he hates beeing kissed by girls" they giggled wildly then all three of them
began kissing me all over my body, it was almost more than i could handle, i lay there tied
down to the bed spread eagle wearing only my gym shorts while three girls continuously
kissed my bare skin over and over again, stephanie moved up and down my legs peppering me
with kisses all the way from the tops of my thighs to the bottom of my feet, susan and
michelle kissed my belly and chest, michelle payed extra attention to my chest. michelle was
the first to discover my secret when her hand brushed across my gym shorts, she grabbed
ahold of it for a second and looked up at me as if she was searching for an explanation,
then just smiled and continued kissing my belly very close to the waistline of my shorts, i
felt an incredible tingling sensation as her hand brushed my shorts again several times,
stephanie and susan did not seem to notice this but michelle continued to do it as she
stared me in the face, she could tell that i liked it. susan said "hey its time for our
favorite show on tv" "come on lets go watch it" "should we untie your brother now",
stephanie asked, michelle spoke up and said "ill stay here and take care of him" stephanie
and susan giggled as they walked out of the room. michelle climbed on top of me like she was
on a horse, then she leaned forward and wispered in my ear, "do you have a girlfriend?
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Re: sister liked it

Postby delysid » Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:44 pm

when michelle asked if i had a girlfriend i shook my head. she smiled and said, do you want one? i nodded my head in agreement. she smiled again and began kissing my bare chest then she slowly moved down towards my stomach kissing every inch of flesh along the way, she was now laying between my spread legs that were still securly tied to the bedposts, her warm face rested in my crotch, she slid here fingers under the waistline of my shorts and slowly pulled them down as far as she could. wow, she said with a smile on her face, then she grabbed ahold of it with her hand and started kissing it all up and down the shaft, then she took it into her mouth and sucked it, i exploded almost instantly. she just continued smiling and said, oh you like that huh, my brother likes it when i do that to him too.
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Re: sister liked it

Postby gmcckj » Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:14 pm

keep going!
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