Big Spenders punished

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Big Spenders punished

Postby samuria » Fri May 23, 2008 4:32 pm

My girl friend and I had gone mad on a shopping spree and spent loads of money which was our boy friends. When he found out he went mad and told me to get out of his house. I had no where else to go so I begged him not to throw me out. After a lot of begging he said I could stay but I must be punished for my crime. I didn’t know what he meant but agreed.

That was a couple of days ago and tonight my boy friend comes home with a bag saying he has a surprise for me. Out of the bag he takes a shiny satin push up bra, a pair of black satin panties stockings and suspender belt. He tells me to go and get dressed in them and make my self look sexy as he has some more surprises for me. I rush up stairs and try them on. Silly man I thought the bra is to small doesn’t he know I am a 38d? I managed to squeeze into it but it was tight and hugged me like a second skin and as the cloth was lycra my nipples were clearly visible. Next came the garter belt and panties again to small but I could squeeze into them.

After putting on my lipstick I went down stairs to show him. He produced from the bag some leather cuffs and before I knew what was what he had them locked on to my wrist. While I was upstairs he had placed a rope over one of the two beams that cross our living room. He attached my cuffed wrist to the rope and pulled it up so my arms were over my head. I was a bit surprised but it looked like being a fun night.

While I wasn’t looking he produced a ball gag from the bag and it was in my mouth before I knew it, he pulled the strap tight and forced the large ball deep into my mouth, it took some effort as it was a large ball. I was now standing in the middle of our living room dressed in my underwear gagged and tied up. My bra was threatening to burst. Remember you agreed to be punished my boyfriend said well tonight is the night.

Suddenly the door bell rang and he walk to answer it, I was in shock suppose who ever was at the door saw me? I heard voices and recognised one as my girlfriend and her boyfriend. Before I new it they were inside and both staring at me. My girl friend was gob smacked.

You agreed to be punished her boyfriend was saying to her now strip. She was shocked but did as he said slowly taking off her blouse to reveal a red bra lick mine. Her boyfriend and mine had planned this and both gone shopping together. In mins she was tied the same as me hanging from the other beam just in front of me.

Our boyfriend rummaged in the bag and came back with some more stuff. You will both be punished for what you did and you will never do it again. My boyfriend went into the kitchen and came back with a water spray and sprayed cold water all over my bra and then started on my friend while her boyfriend rubbed the water into my bra making my nipples stand out like door stops. I was mortified that a stranger could not only see me dressed this way but could play with my tits and there was nothing I could do except grunt through the gag.

Satisfied that my bra was now soaking wet he came forward with to wires each with crocodile clips on the end. I looked down in disbelief as her tweaked my nipples and placed a clip on my nipple the teeth bit into my nipple and I yelled out but nothing came out except a grunt. He did the same to the other one. The other end of the wire he took across to my friend and did the same to her. Both boyfriend between them now pulled on the wires until the wire was tight going from my nipples to my girlfriend, they adjusted both wires until they were tight.

Next came a electronic tens box which had clips on that the put onto each wire. They turned on the box and a mild electric shock ripped through my tits( now I understood what the water was for to make a better contact). They played with the box turning it up and down and laughing at the way out tits bounced and our expressions. Ever time one of us jumped the wire pulled on our nipples and pulled on the other ones nipples as well.

They turned off the machine but left the wires attached. They produced a paddle from the bag and suddenly my arse felt the pain as it cracked down hard, I jumped which in turn pulled both our nipples. Just then the door bell rang and my boyfriend went to answer it, he came back with Bob and Jane two friends of our. They both looked on in amusement, I felt so embarrassed as Jane was a snotty bitch at the best of times. She calmly walked over to us and looked at the two wires connecting our nipples then she took off her coat and draped it across the wires causing us to jump with pain.

Lets blindfold them so they cant see the paddle coming she said. This was quickly done and I suddenly jumped as the paddle landed again followed by a clicking noise which I couldn’t identify. I must have received over 20 smacks and judging by the pull on my nipples so had my friend my poor arse was on fire. Now they decided to have more fun with us removing the blind fold a belt went around my waist and a rope was tied to the back and lead up through my crack to the beam and down to my friends leg which was hoisted in the air. They then did the same to me so now we were hoping on one foot trying not to pull each others rope.

By now we were getting very tired and the drool was rolling down to our breasts. Have you learnt your lesson yet we were asked? I quickly nodded , to ensure you don’t do it again tomorrow you will have your nipples pierced so we can punish you easier if you do it again but for now you will have time to think about your behaviour.

They approached us with chains and locked our ankles with a short hobble chain which only gave us a few inchs of room, they let our arm down and before we could escape tied our hands behind our backs after taking off our bras. They even put on a dog collar and pulled our hands up our backs and chained them on to the collar. We had the gags removed and allowed a drink. They quickly put a dog lead on us and lead us to the front door. We live in the country so it is fairly quit but the thought of going out dressed only in panties and stocking frightened my so I objected only to be slapped across the arse.

Outside we were led straight into our van and bundled into the back. The van started off and I asked were we were going only to be told somewhere so we could think over our deeds. After a short ride we stopped and the back door opened they dragged us to the back and sat us on the back of the van. We were down a country lane about 2 miles from home and it was all ready dark. As we sat there our boy friends approached us wearing rubber gloves and after dipping into a tube of ointment proceeded to rub it all over our breast and into our nipples.

They stood us up and told us to go home and spend the time talking about how bad we had been. I complained that we couldn’t go home dressed like this only to be told to stay here then. They shut the van and drove off before we could do anything shouting see you at home. We had no choice but to walk home with our hands tied and legs chained dressed only in panties and stockings. Fortunately it was a warm summer night but the walk was very slow as we could only take small steps.

After a while I suddenly felt my tits start to itch and then it got worse my friend was the same the bastards had rubber itching powder into out tits before long we were going mad. The only relief we could get was by rubbing our tits together. If any one had seen to half naked girls doing this they would have thought we were sex mad. Suddenly we saw a car coming in the distance, as it drew nearer we took the only way out we could we dived into the ditch to hide.

This was a big mistake as it was full of water and mud. When the car had passed we struggled to get out for about 5 mins as it is hard to do when its slippery and you cant use your hands. We eventually got home and at the front door I rang the bell with my nipple as it was the only thing that I could reach with. They opened the door and looked at our muddy bodies and said you ant coming in like that go around the back and be hosed off . In the back yard they turned the hose on us and even used the yard brush to clean us.

Inside they said to me as my friend was lead off by her collar I fancy she had to go home dressed as she was. I was glad to get to bed that night but dreaded having my nipples pierced the next day. I was fitted with rings which couldn’t be taken out and was embarrassed in case they showed under my cloths.

A few days later my nipples had healed ad the ring were permantly in place it was my day off and I was at home alone. The door bell rang and as I opened it in marched Jane as large as life as though she owned the place. She sat on the settee and ask me how I was after the other night. Alright I murmured. I want you to come to a party as a bondage model she said. I started to say no but she went to her bag and produced some photos saying I think you will or all your friend will get one of these. They were photos of my punishment night, now I understood what the funny noise was I heard.

I was shocked but before I could do anything she had a pair of handcuffs on me and my hands were locked behind my back. Let me see your ring she said as she unbuttoned my blouse, she pulled my tits free from the bra and examined the rings. Producing a chain she locked each end onto my ring, now I was caught by my nipples. She forced a ball into my mouth and sealed my mouth with flesh coloured tape. She picked up the chain and I had to follow.

She led me out to her car with my tits hanging out and my hands cuffed. She pushed me into the back seat were I found my friend in the same position as my self. As we drove off I tried to say that my tits were visible to anyone passing, but all that came out was a grunt. I tried to shake my tits back into my blouse and to a large degree succeeded but this meant the locks were caught up on my bra hurting me.

When we got to her house we were lead inside and into the main room which was set out for a party. She removed our handcuffs and gag and told us to get down to our undies which we reluctantly did.

She went over to her samples bag and came back with some underwear, she approached me and gave me a red satin set consisting of a bra panties garter belt and shiny stockings which she told me to put on. My girl friend was given a latex suit to put on. I started putting on the bra and then I noticed there were little spicks in the cups they were made of hard plastic so they wouldn’t stick in but they would play hell with my nipples.

My friend was struggling with the suit as it enclosed her feet and as she pulled it up Jane made sure the crutch and nipples all went in the right places. There were metal looking disk on the crutch nipples and bum. Once she had it on she was covered all over with latex even her hands and the final part was a hood with built in pump up gag. Jane attached wires to the suit as they seemed to be places to plug them in.

Other girls had arrived and seem to be there voluntary and they were getting changed into various outfits. I was lead over to the centre of the room and there I noticed 4 ropes two were attached to my wrists by putting cuffs on them and the same to my legs. Jane shouted to someone and my wrist were pulled apart until they were out straight. My legs were pulled about 2 feet apart so that I couldn’t close them.

By now guests had started to arrive they were all women and Jane welcomed them all to the display of bondage and underwear. Some of the girls came on and displayed the underwear as Jan talked. I was getting tired and my arms ached from being tied as it had been about half an hour.

Jane now announced that she had some bondage equipment to show everyone. The first item was a paddle and she explained I had volunteered to be the victim so people could test the paddles whips and canes. With this she whacked me across the arse three or four time to demonstrate the paddle and then offered to let other try. They jumped at the chance and soon smacks were raining down thick and fast.

It wasn’t long before I started shouting and screaming as apart from the smacks my tits were getting sore as they bounced about on the spikes. Jane explained that the way to silence a noisy slave was to gag her and she produced a pump up gag which she stuffed into my mouth and pumped up hard. Next came a cane and the same thing again they all took turns with it and by now my arse was on fire and I was bucking like mad. Some one was worried about my arse so Jane said we will fix that and grabbed a ice bucket and poured all the ice into my panties.

Jane now produced a crop and explained that this can be used on the tits as well, with this she undid my bra and started flicking my nipples. Everyone wanted to know about the rings in my nipples were they permanent. As she explained she produced a box of nipple clamps for people to try, I was lucky being pierced as they left me alone and tried it on another girl. While all this was going on I saw my friend in her latex suit being put through her paces as they applied shocks to her body. All you could see was latex and you couldn’t make out who the person was.

Janes next trick was to produce a vibrator on a pole which she placed under me but about a foot to low. She now added weights to my nipple rings and then flicked my nipples telling me to get down on the vibrator. To do that meant spreading my legs very wide which pulled on my arms. As she then started slapping my now frozen bum I had little choice and struggled to spread my legs, as soon as I reached the vibrator it went to work. The strain on my legs was terrible not to mention the fact that my arse was being smacked, to top it all a young girl with big tits came over flopped them out and demanded I suck them after she had taken the gag out. By that point I would do anything for relief so I sucked for all my worth and suddenly burst forth with a huge organism.

At last it was all over and we were released. Everyone started to go home but we were stuck having to wait for Jane to take us home. I will give you a lift home now she said to me, but I am not dressed I said. Its ok just pull your bra back up as she dragged me to the front door. Going out at night dressed like this was one thing but in the day was another and I protested. All it did for me was to get myself handcuffed again and led out to the car.

We drove back home and I did my best to hide in the back of the car so no one could see me dressed in my undies. When we arrived home we were greeted by a workman who was leaving my house, I had no idea what this man was doing there. Its all installed have fun he said and off he went.

What was he doing here I ask Jane, you new playroom is installed lets take a look. She led me into my own house and down to the cellar which now had a very solid door on it. She unlocked it and led me in, I stood in amassment at all the bondage gear. There were racks X crosses whips chains and all manner of things. Jane led me over to a horse similar to a carnival horse.

She sat me on it and tied my legs into the stirrups my wrist which were still handcuffed were pulled back by elastic to the horses tail. She then added a chain from my nipple rings to the horses head and pulled it. I was ok as long as I could keep tension on my wrist, if I slaked of then my nipples would be cruelly pulled. To make matters worse she again applied itching powder to my nipples, I new in a few moments they would drive me mad.

Your boyfriend will be back very soon she said and with that she turned on the horse. It started to buck and I fought it trying to stop it pulling on my nipples as I went back and forth. It was a balance the tension on my nipples stopped them itching but it was a close call to much and it hurt like hell. Jane went and closed the door leaving me on the beast. It seemed forever before my boyfriend came in and turned the machine off. I was so relived that it had stopped but I was still perched on it attached by the nipples.

He unclipped my nipples and undid the elastic from the horse and asked me how I had enjoyed my day. I replied I hadn’t very much but I did admit I had had some great orgasms. He said this was the way my life was going to be from now on and this is why he had bought me the dungeon. He said he would go and fix dinner for me as I must be hungry by now, he lead me over to a u shaped pole and stood me over it. The next thing I knew was the pole was rising and listing me off the floor, it fitted me front and rear like a chastity belt. He strapped my legs to it and left me while he went to make dinner. He returned 20 mins latter with my dinner and placed it on the floor after he released me from the u shaped device he pushed me down on the floor with my hands still handcuffed behind me. He lifted the lid off the dinner plate and should me banger and mash with the sausage sticking up out of the potatoes like male organs.

It was difficult eating on the floor with my hands handcuffed and I ended up really messy. I was then subjected to a variety of different bondage devices over the next few hours before I was allowed to get to bed. Now I not only had to suffer with my boyfriend but Jane seemed determine to use me as her bondage model again. Live was going to be fun.

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Postby Boundgal08 » Tue May 27, 2008 1:32 pm

Really good story, well written, and interesting till the very end :D

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