Self bondage attempt gone wrong

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Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby NiceAndTight » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:16 pm

Hey first fiction story, here goes!!!!


Hi, My name is Annabell. I live with my mom and myself in our one story one bedroom two bath house. Well two storys if you count the basement where I live. I've been into bondage since I was twelve when my brother and his friends tied me up for my first time. Well I was checking out some bondage sites and looking at all types of knotes and ways to tie when my mom came down, I was wicked embarrassed but me and her are really open.

"bell? What are you looking at?
" o so these last 12 pages came up on their own????"
"no, it's just Ive always wanted to try this stuff out."
"well, I did this when I was your age."
"yes, I used to all the time, well I'm off to work I'll be back early, around 3"
" ok bye"

:gag: Figuring since she knew what I was doing I would keep going. I spent the next few hours searching the web for all
types of stuff with bondage when I gowned self bondage. It looked cool and it showed you to do all this stuff by like pre making the loops and cussing handcuffs. So I thought I'd try it.

I went into the garage (time: 2 o'clock) to get the rope we used to tie our old dogs collars to the pole in the backyard(
old because they died). I took it into the living room and started tying my ankles together then my knees then thighs. I tied my hands using pre made loops then cinched it off, I got another rope and tied myself in a real tight hog tie. (it's about 2:50) and left to struggle , o ya I already had a ball gag on too. As I started to struggle I realized I was tightening the ropes on my hands and on my legs, so when I tried to move over to the scissors I couldn't get there. Then I looked at the clock and realized it was 3:10 and mom will be home so that's when I really panicked and started pulling and yanking but couldn't budge an inch. Finally moms car pulled in ther garage and she was coming in, again, giving it a last try went for the scissors but when I reached them my hand flicked it over about 1 foot. Mom walked over and looked at me.

Honey what are you doing???
" mfffff muphhhh" was all that came out
O I see, who tied you up so well???
O good job!!! Hahahaha well im gonna go change then I'll come back down and tie you up some more!

What!?!?!?! Your my mom!!! Your supposed to. Untie me!!! Ughhhhh
Mppppppphhhhhh muff meph
Sorry Hun don't understand you, I'll be back in a jiffy and with that she took a scarf off the coat rack and blindfolded me!!!!
What seemed like forever later, I heard her coming from her room. She came over and took off my blindfold

"I'll take out the ball gag if you don't speak," with that I nodded because It was getting really uncomfortable.
"So how'd you do this and why should I untie you???"
Well since this morning when you saw me looking at those sights I kept going and found self bondage. I wanted to try it but, when tried to get out I made it worse and I got stuck."
"O I see, so let's make this a game, how long have you been in this???"
" about 20 minutes when I cinched it off... Why?"
"because Where going to play a game. I tie you up, you have twenty minutes to get out, if you don't I untie you, then you do the same to me, if I get out and you don't I get a point, if you get get out and I don't I get a point if we both do/don't get out neither person gets a point ok? we play 3/5 whoever gets 3 points first wins nd the winner keeps loser all weekend, they can whatever they want to them"
"sure?, are you going to untie me?"
" I suppose, I'll tie you good though so be prepared."

As she untied me I asked her about when she start and how, why and by who. When I was finally untied I asked if I could change into more cozy clothes, she said ok. I chose my pink shortie shorts that i use for bed and a purple tank top.

"ok" she said "hands in the back." with that she tied my hands together, my ankles together, my knees above and below
them my thighs then she ran a rope above and below my breasts hen tied that around my back and connected it to my wrists. Then tied my hands to my ankles and said
" have at it"
" I'll try"
"ok well i'll be back in 20 minutes but before i go have this" and she shoved the ball gag back in my mouth and buckled it tight and man did my breasts hurt!!!!!!! A I tried to get out the ropes tightened and tightened till I finally 20 minutes passed!

" well looks like you couldnt get!!"she said as I rubbed my wrists
" that was easy!!!!! That hurt my arms! Well my turn so hands in front!"
"in front???? Well ok "
I tied her hands then tied her ankles then tied her ankles to her hands,like. A hogtie in front.
"go ahead" I said proud of my rope work
She used he wrists to untie her ankles and her teeth to untie her wrists.
" your gonna have to do better if you want to keep me tied up!"
"ok well your turn to tie me up now," I was sooo excited yet worried because knew she was good at tying people up.
She pulled my hands behind my back and did the same thing but this time tied my elbows close but not touching and tied this off in an extremly tight hog tie "Good luck, 20 minutes hun and tickled my for a few seconds but you could barely hear my muffled laughter.

20 minutees later and im still stuck in the ropes.
"looks like im winning 2-0"
what i said sounded like "mphh muf mohil"
and she untied me.

"OK you tie me know"
finally i tied her hands in back, legs logether, classic hog tie and a ball gag.
with that she tugged and pulled so since she looked stuck i left her and to play an online game but in just 5minutes she was right next to me.
"WOW mom you sure are good!"
"yes well your turn and if you get stuck its game over and i get you all weekend"

she tied me again using a diffrent style, first she tied me right had to my left ankle and my left hand to my right ankle. she picked up the scarf and gaged me.
" only 20 minutes, good luck. im have to go to your aunts in 30 minutes so im going to go tto my room and rest a bit"

although it sounds easy, i barley ever got tied up so it was hard for me and i coulnt get out.
and yet again 20 minutes later she foud my on the floor tied up and gaged.
"well hun, you couldnt get out, looks lik i get you for the weekend but since ill be gone for a little while i'll leave you with these."
she gave me a breast harness again, tied my elbows again and then she tied a rope around my waist knotted it at my belly button, ran it through my crotch under the waist rope back under my crotch and again then tied it to my hands. she gave me three crotch ropes, one to my hand one to my ankles and oone to my breast harness.
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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby Boundgal08 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:41 am

I'm not to keen on SB stories, but this was a good read :)

Just watch on your spelling, try a spell checker :)

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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby NiceAndTight » Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:29 pm

Thanks bound gal, sorry was on my Itouch and it has small keys well i don't really know how to continue so any suggestions?
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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby NiceAndTight » Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:03 pm

Then after she left i struggled relentlessly, pulling on my crotch ropes and made myself way to tiers way to fast, but that's when I heard a car pull in the drive and a door shut. I looked over at the door and as it slid open my older brother came in (he is living own his own now) :roll: o god I thought

" Hello little sister!" he exclaimed, almost too happy "Mom called and said to come watch after you, she said you were a little tied up at the moment and she didn't want you getting hurt" as he said that he strode over to me and examined my bindings.

Should I keep going???? That's for you to decide.
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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby Plueschbabycd » Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:03 am

Yes very good. Keep going. By the way I know only German self bondage forum and English.:)
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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby odin17 » Sun May 30, 2010 6:25 am

yes i definately think u should keep going

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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby linkedin » Sun May 30, 2010 6:54 am

yes please do! i look forward to reading more :)

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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby CosplayGirl » Sun May 30, 2010 9:31 am

NiceandTight,please carry on its a good story.

luv Melissa

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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby Jason Toddman » Sun May 30, 2010 10:13 am

So where's the part that went WRONG?! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
So far it sounds pretty RIGHT to me... at least from MY viewpoint :big: - except for it being fiction of course.
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Re: Self bondage attempt gone wrong

Postby NaughtyNats » Mon May 31, 2010 12:12 am

deffinately keep goig nicntight
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