From "Dreambook of tied up babysitters"-not mine

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From "Dreambook of tied up babysitters"-not mine

Postby Zack » Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:36 pm

I got this story from one of the dreambook sites. It was posted by “CJ”

This is a story from my teen years. I was about 13 and my parents had gone out for the night. I had insisted that I was old enough to take care of myself but my parents said they wanted someone here just in case. I was somewhat disappointed until they told me who they had called to come sit with me, my cousin Julie. Julie and I were close and could talk about anything.

Julie was your typical So Cal beauty, long blond hair, blue eyes, slender tanned body. It was summer and Julie was dressed in cut off jeans and tank top and white slip on Vans. Julie was about 19 years old.

She came over and we hugged. Julie told my parents that she would take care of me and to take their time. In fact she even offered to stay the night so they could stay out late. My mom said "Thank you, Julie. You are always there for us when we need you." She replied "Aunt Jenny, that's what family is all about. Now go have a good time and don't feel you have to hurry back. I'll keep CJ entertained." Mom and Dad left.

Julie said "Okay CJ, time for fun. What do you want to do first?" I told her I just wanted to kick back, watch TV, and have popcorn and coke. Julie, knowing mom never let me have much of that, let me have whatever I wanted. I found a TV movie on that had a woman bound and gagged. Julie started making fun of the movie and the girl's predicament. "This is so lame, she could at least pull her gag off since her hands are tied in front of her. If that was me, I'd be out of there." I looked at her "Julie, you couldn't get free. You'd be just as helpless as she is." She looked back at me and said "Wanna bet?" I said "sure, what's the bet?" She said "You tie me up and I have 15 minutes to get loose. If I don't, you get to do whatever you want for the rest of the evening. If I get loose, then you have to do what I want." "Deal" I said. Now, I've been wanting to tie up Julie for a while now. This was the perfect opportunity.

I went to the garage and got some rope and duct tape. I had Julie sit down and I tied her hands behind her back. I then took some more rope and tied it around her waist and chest. Next I tied her thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Now this was a sight!!!!! Julie wearing her skimpiest clothes, the Vans sneakers (yes I had a fetish for them), and all tied up. "Now just one thing left to do." She asked what. I replied "You have to be gagged like on the movie." Julie said "Now wait a minute, CJ. I don't know about being gagged." I reminded her "Hey Julie, you said just like on the movie so being gagged is part of the bet." Julie said "You're right. Do whatever." I took a strip of duct tape and pressed it over Julie's mouth. She tried to talk but only "mmmmmpppppphhhhh" came out.

Julie started to try and escape but I tied her too good. I timed her and she struggled, grunted, and wiggled but was unable to get loose. I timed her and when 15 minutes went by, I showed her the watch. She nodded in defeat.

I looked at her and said "Well Julie, first off, I want to keep you like this for a while." She looked up with her eyes wide and shook her head "no" while mmmmpppphhhhing. I looked at her and said "Oh yes" There was nothing she could do about it. I looked at her and said "Julie, you know I really like you, right?" She nodded "yes." "I want to touch your tits. Do you have a problem with that?" I expected her to shake her head wildly and say no to me but to my surprise, she nodded yes indicating it was okay. I started to fondle her and she moaned through her gag. This went on for several minutes.

We played for a solid hour then to my surprise, I saw the headlights of our car come up the driveway. "Oh no!!!!! Mom and Dad are home! What'll I do. I'm for sure in trouble." I started to try to untie Julie. She shook her head no and mmmmmpppppphhhhhh and shook her head no again. She wanted me to leave her tied up. Now, Julie was a good at explanations and stories. I left her tied up and sat on the couch.

Mom and Dad came in, saw Julie bound and gagged and nearly had a heart attack. Mom yelled "CJ!!!! What is going on! Why is Julie tied up like that?! Answer me now, young man." I was speechless and could only say "I don't know"
Mom was really pissed and Dad just stood there staring at me. Julie started mmmmmppppppphhhhhhing and motioned for may parents to come over. Dad walked over and took the tape off her mouth. Julie said "Uncle Dave, Aunt Jenny, don't get mad at CJ. This was my idea." My mom and dad looked at her with disbelief. Julie said "Let CJ untie me and I'll explain." I started to untie Julie. "Aunt Jenny, CJ was only helping me rehearse. I'm going to sign up for some summer drama classes and we were supposed to come up with a scene for the first class. I came up with a kidnap hostage scene where I was bound and gagged. I figured that I wouldn't have any lines to have to remember and all I had to do was project my fear and struggle. CJ was just helping me with that. I hope you don't mind." Mom told Jenny that she didn't mind but would like to be informed about this in the future. Julie said she would and after she was freed, she came up to my room with me.

"Wow, I thought I was dead. Are you really in summer drama classes?" Julie said "yes, I am but now I have to do this scene to keep up with what I told your mom." Julie and I talked for a little while and I told her I enjoyed tying her up and would like to do it again. Julie said "Sure. I enjoyed it too, especially being gagged."

Julie and I played bondage games for some years after that until she met her husband. Julie did tell me she and her husband did bondage also. Recently, we met up. I'm now 44 and Julie is 50 and still a good looking woman. We have talked again about our bondage experiences and she said it was a great time. She then said "Maybe we'll relive some old times" and winked at me.

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